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Following her mother's death, the young woman is sold to a high-class merchant. Surprisingly, the merchant respects her exceptional intelligence and decides to help her return to her life of nobility.

The road to success is treacherous! An abused orphan escapes her new home and stumbles upon a kind-hearted family that introduce her to the business world. Years later, the young woman's husband and father-in-law pass away, and she's tasked with running the family business alone. Love and revenge fight for precedence as she falls in love and discovers the truth about her loved ones' deaths.

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A shocking conspiracy surrounds the mysterious death of Liang Dynasty's crown prince. As his younger brother travels to the enemy's empire for revenge, he realizes he's surrounded by enemies and that the plot behind his brother's murder is steeped in history. Legendary military general Zhao Zilong aka Zhao Yun couldn't imagine that one of his greatest tests would be a love triangle between an enchanting lady and another celebrated warrior.

This fictional take on a real general's life also illustrates Zilong's exceptional combat skills during the Eastern Han Dynasty and early Three Kingdoms period. Love blossoms during a vicious period of hate.

When a prince and his beautiful attendant are separated during their secret exodus, the attendant unintentionally reunites with a past lover. EXO's D. The lyrics speak of eternal love and wanting to spend the next lifetime with the same person. This lovely song cleverly describes how finding The One is like and is filled with fun rhythmic tunes and is one is for the millennial couple.

The video is so cute and quirky as well!

11 Shows Like Downton Abbey - Best Period Drama TV Series to Watch

Red Velvet's Wendy even sang a rendition of this song at a wedding because she loved the lyrics. Hey, this song got the stamp of approval approval from K-pop idols, so why not include it in your wedding playlist, right? Lee Hyun is one of the best male singers when it comes to ballads, and you can't go wrong with this romantic mellow number. If you've had a tumultuous love life that culminated into a happy ending, this song is perfect for you. The soundtrack of We Got Married Global Edition , this sweet song makes for the perfect seranade song to your partner to tell him how thankful you are to have met him.

Be healed by Brown Eyed Soul's warm, soulful vocals in this classic ballad that is probably known by most Koreans and has been covered by many popular artists. You cannot not include Noel's Proposal when you talk about romantic Korean ballads. Released in , the song has become a classic and popular wedding song that's been covered by artists like 2 A.

Top 10 Romantic Chinese Dramas That'll Have You Falling in Love

And although their relationship is a love-hate one at first, they come to fall deeply in love with each other. A famous actor ends up falling head-over-heels in love with a regular girl. Seo Joon is a hotshot photographer who is also a bit of a playboy. Eun Ho and Tae Woon spark an adorable first love romance while being classmates.

The cutest part about this series besides the two main leads is how much Tae Woon is smitten with Eun Ho. Yoon Shi Yoon plays Enrique Geum, the charming flower-boy next door. One of the main reasons why this series is bound to give you butterflies is because of this character. What would you do if your ultimate bias moved in right next door? Your heart will skip a beat several times each episode just out of sheer excitement and jealousy for Yeon Hee. She is now a lawyer and when Soo Ha is in high school, he falls in love with her. Hye Sung is older than Soo Ha and despite their age gap, their chemistry is through the roof.

Top 28 Korean Drama Words & Phrases for K-Drama Fans

I loved seeing Soo Ha wear his heart on his sleeve and remain persistent in trying to convince Hye Sung to give him a chance. There are so many romantic moments between Soo Ha and Hye Sung that will give you those butterflies! Hey Soompiers, which of these first love K-dramas gave you butterflies?