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But she and Everett had just left the house moments before.

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To be sure, Marla checked the back door. It was locked. The light was coming from the opposite direction. The hair on the back of her neck stood straight up. Are the souls of those in purgatory living among us? What do ghosts mean in the spiritual sense?

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Catholics like Marla Fisher can be excused for their confusion over what the church itself believes and teaches about ghosts. When it comes to the paranormal, the church walks a fine line. A poltergeist, or noisy ghost, is a spirit that makes its presence known with acts of mischief—throwing toasters or dining room chairs around.

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And yet clearly Catholics must believe in the unbelievable. The communion of saints, for instance, necessitates a belief in miracles. Polls over the last decade suggest that somewhere between a third to one half of Americans believe in ghosts. In Gary Jansen was living with his pregnant wife and young son in the Long Island house where he grew up.

His wife and child were the only other people in the house. He turned around, saw nothing, and, shrugging the feeling off, headed out of the room. Then the sensation changed. For Jansen, that moment triggered a long reckoning of the experience he considered supernatural with the teachings of his church. He says that he sees no conflict between what the church teaches and a belief in ghosts. Kreeft recalls the appearance of the dead Samuel to the witch of Endor in 1 Samuel, one of the most famous ghost stories in the Bible. Ghost skeptics, of course, are legion, and always have been.

The church, too, has marshaled paranormal skeptics to battle against the encroachment of what it has called spiritualism or spiritism. The church has been contemplating, and trying to explain, ghostly manifestations for a long time. Much of that has been done through the uniquely Catholic concept of purgatory, where Kreeft says many ghosts reside.

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The church formulated the doctrine of purgatory at the Councils of Florence and Trent in the 15th and 16th centuries. He claims that the idea of ghosts as spirits that cannot pass over into the next life because of unfinished business is an outdated one that has parallels in early medieval Catholic sources. Usually in such sources the ghost has committed some offense that has not been atoned for, or committed some sin that restitution needs to be made for. The ghost is unable to rest until that has been done.

The model for these sorts of stories is the tale of the deacon Paschasius in St. Paschasius was widely held to be a very holy and learned man, but when Bishop Germanus visits the baths, he is surprised to see the dead Paschasius acting as an attendant. Paschasius asks the bishop to pray for him, which he does with great fervor.

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When Germanus next returns to the baths, Paschasius is not there, presumably having entered into heaven. Souls in purgatory are one of three types of ghosts, says Kreeft.

Or it could be that certain environmental factors have given rise to an experience that has been misinterpreted as a spirit. As she turned a corner, she almost ran into her husband, Everett, who had come to check on her. Everett had been struggling with insomnia for a while, he explained. He told Marla that many times while he was sitting on the couch, something would pass between him and the television. He had the feeling it was a woman, he said. Whatever it was, it was something. And it happened a lot. Like church leaders through time, lay Catholics have widely differing views of how to handle a haunted experience.

The mission of the OCPRS is to continue debunking ghost stories, using the teachings of the early church leaders as foundational documents. Demetrius says the third-century theologian St. Hippolytus was an early skeptic, exposing ventriloquists who were claiming to speak to the dead. John Chrysostom, St. Athanasius, St. Justin Martyr. For some Chicago priests, encountering ghostly presences that force them to acknowledge the possibility of belief in apparitions has been a frequent experience for decades.

Chicago auxiliary bishop and former vicar general Bishop Raymond Goedert, 85, lived in the s in the rectory at the former St. Charles Borromeo Parish, which was said to be haunted by the ghost of Bishop Peter Muldoon — Only four people—the pastor, the caretaker, and one other priest in residence aside from Goedert—lived in the rectory. And yet the activity they heard in the house suggested otherwise. Goedert says they often heard the front door slamming and would race down to see who had come in, but the door was always locked.

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But when Facchini escorted the seminarian out, the young man saw a portrait of Muldoon on the wall. Thomas Wycliffe is a corrupt senator who employs black magic to rise to power. On the other hand, Carlisan is a medieval world while Marugon is the last of Warlocks and they together go through a horrific path of carnage. A strategic blend of greed for power, astonishing conspiracies, despicable politicians, army with high tech mercenaries and to make the matters more intriguing dangerous villains all into astonishing dark territory make the action based thriller one of a kind.

There are intense moments in the story as Wycliffe successfully becomes a powerful and influential Senator who now looks forward to becoming a president. The novel is a well articulated contemporary fantasy featuring Marugon who moves from his own world to Earth to make a dark bargain with a directionless graduate, Thomas Wycliffe. Moeller has an intriguingly delicious way of making the modern Earth and the fantastic medieval worlds overlap. The classic introduction of characters is simply incredible. The manner in which a fantasy world overcomes the sinister plots of an evil council warlock is inspiring.

Intense suspense as the dangerous villain Marugon escapes justice will leave you at the end of your seat. The story is about Caina Amalas an eight year old child who is mercilessly tortured by her devious mother. Caina is just a young child who is growing up hated for no just reason from the very person who should have loved her unconditionally.


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However, she finds comfort in the loving arms of her father Count Sebastien as well as in the world of books. But misery seems to follow Caina as certain events occur forcing her to face the wrath of her mother just for a showdown. Caina is overpowered as her darkest nightmares come true in the form of Maglarion. Maglarion is a necromancer who finds pleasure operation on either dead or alive human bodies.

Sorcerers, slavers among other unwanted people have devastated the society.

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Caina is inducted in the ghost training where she is expected to take a one year course to become part of a discreet organization made up of only a chosen quality of people. The ghosts have to have absolute resolve and work in clandestine conditions. This fast paced story immediately immerses a reader into the plot and sets them up for an excoriating ride of a story.

The pace at which stories unravel allows the reader to be more familiar with the current events. The main character, Caina, is depicted as a child of aptitude determined to overcome the fears in her life in the face of horrific events and relentless enemies. The struggles that Caina faces keeps the reader intrigued in this roller coaster ride of a story. Both novels are fast paced and feature captivating stories with a degree of suspense that will leave you asking for more.

These well crafted stories will introduce you to a world of first-class thrillers. We can only wait to read more books from this talented writer whose stories are simply incredible. Make an informed decision to read both novels Worlds to Conquer and Child of the Ghosts novels for the most memorable experience of your life. If you see one missing just send me an e-mail below.

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