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The entire series kicks off with one of those bad Tales From The Darkside knockoffs.

But when the story veers, jarringly, into nightmare territory, it does so before director Sarah Adina Smith has a chance to establish any sort of nightmare atmosphere, and its final chills fail to linger. In this sense, the series reaches past the heyday of The Twilight Zone and into the televised plays of live, golden age anthologies like Playhouse 90 and Studio One. The absolute best Room has to offer is a theatrical experience in and of itself, a new-wave dream ballet written and directed by Guggenheim fellow Dayna Hanson in which a housekeeper Dendrie Taylor relives a painful memory through movement and moody lighting—and eventually a pas de deux with her younger self Sarah Hay.

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The idea of someone flipping by and getting sucked into this expertly staged, artfully edited experiment in the middle of a late-night lull is even more exciting. The A.

To wit: my top five favorite anthology horror films--the big and bloody slabs of crypt-tales and horror-vaults that I find my bloodshot eyes returning to again and again until Volume Two drops on Hulu, that is. John Carpenter, Tobe Hooper Worth the price of admission for John Carpenter's bizarre Beetlejuice-meets-the Cryptkeeper schtick as the cadaverous host of the film's bookended segments, Body Bags covers a lot of horror real estate in its three stories--a breezy pulp slasher story, a comic comeuppance tragedy in the vein of Tales From The Crypt , and a brutally disturbing supernatural serial killer tale.

George Romero While not the only horror film anthology either written by or based upon the works of Stephen King both Creepshow 2 and Cat's Eye are entertaining enough if you come across them on a slow Sunday afternoon or midnight channel-surf , Creepshow is certainly the best, modeling itself after the classic EC Horror comics like Tales From The Crypt , The Haunt Of Fear , and Vault of Horror that helped warp King's imagination as a child.

Alberto Cavalcanti, Charles Crichton, Basil Dearden, Robert Hamer A stone-classic of horror filmmaking, anthology or otherwise, and absolutely terrifying to boot. Bonus points for featuring the creepiest and most off-putting ventriloquist dummy sequence in the genre.