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Formed passion for establishing churches and planting new ones through worshipping in seven different small churches in first 10 years after his conversion. Etheard Smarth — Bonne Fin, Haiti. Planning Facilitator for HarvestCall. Provided strategic implementation assistance to Mission Committee. Former World Relief board member and HarvestCall local church representative. Rod is a financial advisor and small business owner.

Active in jail ministry. HarvestCall board member serving on the finance and executive committees. Their son and family just returned after 6 years of doing business as missions in Thailand. Long time employee of Hewlett Packard Enterprise. Served as missionaries in Les Cayes, Haiti where Scott managed the construction department. Advance registration is expected. Seating is limited in the breakout and discussion group rooms and seats will go first-come, first-served based on time of registration.

It is likely that many of the rooms will be filled prior to the day of the conference. Registration will close Weds, July 17 at midnight Eastern We need a couple days to make final preparations for the big event. Register Now. Pre-Conference Workshops Ready to go deep on a topic? Living as Christians in a post-Christian America A large majority of the Christian church today lives under persecution, while hostility towards traditional Christianity in the United States seems to be growing.

Speaker : Fred Witzig. What the Book of Acts tells us about missions The early church literally wrote the book on how to spread the gospel, reach across cultures, establish churches, and work through conflict. Speaker : Arlan Miller. The Cost of Poverty Experience This is a 2. Facilitated by : Think Tank, Inc. Caring for our missionaries for active and prospective Mentors and Advocates This session is for those interested in providing purposeful missionary care.

Speaker : Kirk Plattner. Back to the Schedule. Main Sessions Held in the church assembly room, these are plenary sessions, meaning they are broad interest topics intended for everyone. Speaker : John Huber. Speaker : Gloria Gonzalez. Our missionary experience Listen to the perspectives of those currently serving on the mission field in Haiti.

Why is sharing the gospel so difficult? Speaker : Brad Metz. Speaker : Nathan Dieudonne. Church planting and bolstering update Curious about what is being done to start new churches and support our small congregations? Speaker : Duane Rocke. Healing souls at Hospital Lumiere All hospitals diagnose and treat medical conditions, but the ultimate goal of Hospital Lumiere is to see people be reconciled to God — in additional to healing of the body. Speaker : Smarth Etheard. Aiding the elderly and enabling the youth in Eastern Europe The Brethren in Eastern Europe have gone through much persecution and hard times.

Speaker : Christopher Indermuhle. Touching hearts while building homes Building or remodeling homes for disaster victimes provides an opportunity to demonstrate the gospel and opens the door for sharing the gospel with the homeowners and their neighbors. Milk, mercy, multiplication and Malachi The prophet Malachi challenged Israel to test whether God can rebuke the devourer and make their land prosperous so they would be called blessed by all nations.

Speakers : Art Mueller, Brent Hodel. Lessons learned from early AC evangelism Our early Apostolic Christian church was phenomenally successful at evangelism and church planting, in Europe and America. What is a culturally relevant gospel? Speakers : Nick Gutwein. The challenges of missionary reentry Coming back to the USA after living in a foreign country as a missionary is more difficult than you might think. Making yourself ready and available What should we be doing in our daily lives to cultivate a willingness to be used for missions and to be prepared in case we do feel the call?

Speaker : Matt Knapp.

Africa Inland Mission, International - Collection 81

How to help without hurting Our church family continues to become more and more aware of poverty in the world and the opportunities to make a difference are greater than ever before. Facilitator : Paul Streitmatter. Simple methods for presenting the gospel Knowing some practical techniques can help us overcome our fear of sharing with others.

Facilitator : Brad Metz. Things we did to help our children understand the gospel We all desire that our children walk in truth. Helping new people feel welcome and integrate into our church Walking through the doors of an AC church for the first time can be an intimidating culture shock for some people. Facilitator : Fred Janssen. How God can use your suffering to help others In this world we experience disappointment, loss, and hardship. Facilitator : Amber Miller. Does everyone have a responsibility to share the gospel? Facilitator : John Huber. Ways the church can respond to the drug epidemic Drug use affects people from every class of life — from big cities to small towns — yet many individuals and their loved ones hesitate to reach out for help.

Facilitator : Aaron Plattner. How to tell if you are really being called to the mission field What is a calling to be a missionary? Facilitator : Kirk Plattner. My child wants to be a missionary Sure, we support sending missionaries. Blessings and challenges of small church living Ever wonder what it would really be like to attend a small church? Facilitator : Tom Waldbeser, Arlan Miller. Creative ideas for supporting missionaries on the field and in re-entry Each of us are called to participate in The Great Commission. Redeployment vs retirement Come and discuss the opportunities to redeploy your skill sets, gained over a career, into the mission fields that are so ripe for harvest.

Facilitator : Stephen Baner. Pray for missionaries Join us for a time of specific, focused prayer for our Apostolic Christian brothers and sisters serving in the mission field. Facilitator : Jonathan Hodel. Bible Distribution: a mission field close to home HarvestCall has recently commissioned a new initiative to equip, empower, and assist our local churches and individuals to spread the gospel of Christ through the distribution of Bibles and other biblical resources.

Facilitator : Wayne Laubscher. Making the most of inner-city ministry opportunities Interested in how to get involved with a local ministry? Facilitator : Heidi Bradle. Learning Spanish for missions The Mexico Committee is moving forward with creating a Spanish Language Program and is seeking your feedback regarding it. Facilitator: Sarah Fehr. Facilitator : Nile Bucher. Speakers For Workshops and Main Sessions. Fred Witzig Washington History professor. Brad Metz Bloomington Financial Advisor. Other speakers or facilitators include: more are being added regularly Listed in alphabetical order.

Registration Advance registration is expected. Please help us plan the day effectively and register online as early as possible. Registration is now closed so we can make final preparations for the big event.

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This ministry also supports Crossings efforts in India and Malawi. Michael Mitchell michael water4. Serving through AIM African Inland Missions , the Bransfords, from their home base in Nairobi, lead training and coordination of outreach teams to live among and minister to Unreached People Groups across the continent of Africa.

Athletes in Action is a part of Cru formerly called Campus Crusade for Christ , and uses sports as a platform to help people come to know Christ and to become leaders of spiritual movements in Russia and other nations. The Edings connect with athletes and others through sport, Bible Study, conferences, events and other relational programming that meets the social and spiritual needs of people in Russia.

Dave and Jeanine have three daughters: Bethany, Hannah and Sarah. The part of Australia where they live and serve has become very secularized in recent years, without many churches. This provides fertile opportunities for Dave to share the Gospel and make disciples in creative and unique ways. Dave Ravell david journeychurch.

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No menu assigned! Local Outreach. Global Missions. Crossings Disaster Response Team. Community Center. Community Clinic. Inner-City Schools. BritVil Community Food Pantry. Hope is Alive. Living Faith Ministry. Mid-America Christian University. Shepherds of Love Ministries. Trinity Legal Clinic. Joy Bible Study — Mable Bassett. Living Free Bible Study. Serving Our Savior Sewing Group.

First-Time Application. Renewal Application. Heart 4 Lebanon. Meet the Bransfords. Meet the Edings. Meet the Halls. Meet Deborah Hunnicutt. Meet Sarah Hunnicutt. Meet the Melkis. Meet the Tillmans. Walk4Water October , Walk4Water, an awareness event hosted by Water4, will feature a closed walking course appropriate for people of all ages and fitness levels designed to simulate the experience of a three-mile trek to collect water.

Ladies Learning and Cultural Engagement Trip February , This global trip encourages our missionary partnerships with Deborah and Sarah Hunnicutt as they serve with children in the bilingual Samuel Raymond Christian School founded by Deborah. Applications are currently being accepted! Learn More About Roatan.

Learn More About El Salvador. Learn More About Kenya. Demetrius Bell Community Center Director dbell crossings. Jeremiah Braudrick Director of Prison Ministry jbraudrick crossings. Natalie Haymaker Project Coordinator for Missions nhaymaker crossings. Angela Presley Pastor of Global Missions apresley crossings.

Opening Doors. Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things. Volunteering in Social Media. Local Missions , Missions , Stories , Volunteer. The Dollar Club - June A Letter From Roatan. Just Jump In! Doing the Possible. Giving Generously. Christmas Outreach. Peace Amongst the Rubble. Missions , Stories. Roatan, Honduras Trip Highlights. Global Missions , Local Missions , Missions. Roatan, Honduras - Photo Gallery.

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Serve Our City Edmond. Edmond , Missions , Stories. Community Nights Highlights. Eugene Field Christmas Party. SeeWorth Academy Christmas Party Father Son Trip to Roatan, Honduras. Local Missions , Missions , Stories. Global Missions , Missions , Stories. SheBuilds - Meet Peggy. SheBuilds - Meet Beverly.

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She Builds Highlights - Heather. She Builds Highlights - Beverly. Thank you, Crossings family! Get Directions. Location E. Whiz Kids.

The 7 Principles of Highly Accountable Men. What Should You Expect? Communication for Couples. Sarah Hunnicutt. Crossings Disaster Response Team Needed for 2 or 3 hour shift, Monday though Friday, weekly or monthly, or one-time projects. Tillmans Family. Hall family. Location N. City Care. Location S. Tompkins Family. Deborah Hunnicutt. Melki Family. Shepherds of Love Ministries, Inc. Seeworth Foundation. After the deaths, the order of nuns withdrew from the area.

Junca remains frustrated that LDS missionaries still serve in Guerrero, and she believes she should not have been assigned to the area before her assault. I think any person with any common sense would say yeah, probably. At the training seminar for new mission presidents, church President Russell M.

Missionaries are generally home by 9 p. But while the church might be promising statistically valid levels of safety for the entire missionary force, missionaries and their parents are hearing — and expecting — that each missionary will be safe, Knowlton says.

A New Generation Redefines What It Means to Be a Missionary

Junca says her faith and her environment gave her the sense of security she felt. This is to protect privacy, Crittenden says. Neither Junca nor Cicotte can recall that their mission president ever passed along information from local members. They both got advice directly from members occasionally — warnings to not walk around after dark, for example. Knowlton has long advocated for the church to customize rules for individual missions — down to changing what missionaries wear — and empowering local church members to shape policies.

Thirty years ago, after two elders were assassinated in Bolivia, Knowlton presented a paper at a Sunstone symposium , a summit for Mormon research, outlining changes the church could make to better protect missionaries. The church was continuing to send missionaries to the country even as the political climate grew dangerously anti-American, he says. Missionaries and church buildings were closely associated with the United States, he said, which made them targets.

He was later called in by his stake president and told that his publicly airing such concerns was inappropriate, and had actually put missionaries in further danger. Four years later, he was denied tenure at Brigham Young University, a high-profile decision that was linked to his criticisms.

Services on Demand

He says some of his suggestions have since been adopted. Junca says the church should offer every missionary who is assaulted a clear and continuing path to access the care that she or he needs. Any missionary who returns home early is entitled to six counseling sessions through LDS Family Services. Someone within the missionary department is assigned to help a missionary through his or her recovery, depending on the circumstances of each case, he says.

According to a BYU survey of early-return missionaries, 47 percent are not as active in the church after returning home. The church has twice asked her to sign waivers that would give it access to her records, to assess her progress and ensure that there was a plan for her recovery, she says. Junca has declined, and the church has continued to pay, she says. Her trauma and its effects have evolved as her life has changed in the nearly four years since her assault. Some people have counseled Junca to move on, she says, and work on forgiveness.

But after Cicotte was attacked, she spent hours with Bolivian police, and the missionary department and legal counsel later told her they were confident the accused man would be caught quickly and brought to trial. The church was paying for the case to be prosecuted, which Nielson says is standard practice. The man eventually stopped corresponding with the church. But this has helped her find new faith in herself. When she first came home from her mission, she says, she tried to make peace, personally, with what had happened. But as she tried to work with church leaders, she says, they seemed to view her and Junca as outsiders.

In mid-August, she launched a website, TimeforCambio. And as the stories are shared, she hopes the church will recognize that missionaries who come home hurting need a better welcome home. Tribune editor Sheila R. McCann contributed to this report.

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