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Protecting property

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Self-help articles - How To.. Defence against theft of movable items You, and anyone who assists you, are justified in using reasonable force in order to prevent someone taking an item of your property, or in order to retake it.

1. Self-defense law in Colorado

Defence against breaking and entering You and anyone acting under your authority are justified in using such force as is necessary to prevent a person breaking and entering into your home. Defence against trespass You are justified in using reasonable force to prevent anyone from trespassing on any land or buildings of which you are in possession. What is reasonable force? People acting under your authority As the right to use reasonable force extends to anyone acting under your authority, this would include one of your employees trying to prevent someone taking your property.

Cautionary notes If you are charged with an assault in a situation where you were intending only to defend your property, you will need to hire a lawyer to advise and represent you in putting forward one of the defences discussed above.

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HowToLaw has partnered with JustAnswer. Please note, however, that deadly force may be used where the facts also support another privileged use of force. For example:.

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See People v. Payne , 8 Cal. Please note that since this rule requires that the defendant either own the property or be in lawful possession of it in order to be able to use force to protect it, a defendant is not allowed to use force to protect the property that is in lawful possession of someone else under the common law rule, even if the defendant owns the property.

Please note also that force to protect property must be used either at the moment of the wrongful intrusion or near the time of the wrongful intrusion. Thus, one who has been wrongfully deprived of his property cannot use force to regain it or, if it is real property, to re-enter it, if any significant period of time has gone by between the deprivation of the property right and the use of force. Dooley , Mo. One cannot have a comprehensive discussion about the use of force to protect property without discussing the use of mechanical devices in the protection of property.

Using Reasonable Force To Defend Myself Or My Property

Khill had a basis to fear for his own safety, leading to his alleged use of deadly force. Otherwise, regardless of our sympathy, Mr. Khill faces a life sentence, the automatic penalty for second degree murder he would be eligible for parole after 10 years. We encourage all readers to share their views on our articles and blog posts.

Defense of Property - Man Stops Thief with Shotgun

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Colorado Self-Defense Laws

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