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For that reason, openness of heart chakra is the crucial moment for achieving any kind of spiritual experience and inner transformation, in other words - the most important aspect of the capability to channel universal life energy. Through heart chakra, a sensitive person can perceive the degree of someone's openness, meaning - their capacity to give and receive love.

We communicate with material and with spiritual world through this chakra. It forms the communication models through which a person establishes contact with external world. For that reason the throat chakra can contain dysfunctions such as rigidity or formalism, stubbornness and prejudices that stem from not understanding the fact that the map is not the territory and that communication models are just models.

They are not the reality that we are trying to describe through them. The throat chakra is connected to attitudes about oneself, life, other people or God that form the outline of our world views. It is necessary to have such attitudes, but it is also necessary to be able to change them when they are not useful any more, or when one is mature enough the build a new world view. That's why healthy functioning of throat chakra is connected to mental flexibility, understanding and tolerance.

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Front aspect of the throat chakra forms the type of our relationship with external world, our perception of and communication with that world. If our world view is filled with negative beliefs, we will tend to keep them suppressed to sustain the image of good and nice person, but such negative attitudes and beliefs will become evident in psychological projection mechanism. We shall transfer our unconscious beliefs to the outside world, and therefore experience other people or God as threats to our existence.

The consequence of this will be the feeling of being constantly endangered by our environment. With some energy work on throat chakra and some psychotherapy the contents of our projections can be made conscious and cleared out. Front aspect of the throat chakra forms the type of energy food from external world that people need. Since the throat chakra regulates digestion and metabolism, all weight problems can be treated by clearing and harmonizing this chakra. The same goes for addictions, from smoking and coffee, to alcohol, sex and drugs. Namely, the food that is really necessary to our being concerns exclusively information and energy that enables our personal and spiritual development.

Everything else is needless and unnecessary, but contemporary society is faced with numerous types of addictions because in today's civilization spirituality is marginalized and considered irrelevant. It became a taboo subject, together with sex or death. However, precisely the lack of this kind of awareness and connectedness with spiritual levels of our being is the original cause of all addictions. Back aspect of the throat chakra is also known as "the professional centre".

It's openness and healthy functioning allows the person to find appropriate form for their creative realization, meaning simply - the profession that is best suited for them. The type of ESP possible through throat chakra is the so called "channelling". Back aspect of throat chakra allows connection with higher consciousness and communication with it through channelled verbal messages. It is the basis of our world views. Our capability for understanding mental concepts, creative visualization and our life philosophy are also located there. The third eye holds the synthetic mind, the capability to connect different concepts into a meaningful whole.

Spiritually, the third eye holds the awareness of universal unity of everything that exists. This chakra is connected with intuition and ESP as capabilities that stem from the fact that, on the spiritual level, there is an interconnectedness of everything that exists, independent of its place in time and space. Back aspect of the third eye is also known as the "executive centre", because it concerns our capability to bring our life philosophy to action.

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Back aspect also contains our talents. All spiritual initiations include the back aspect of the third eye, where they locate energetic inscriptions of new spiritual capabilities. The type of ESP that is typical for the third eye is clairvoyance that surpasses time and space. The clairvoyance is in fact a direct visual perception of events in the present, past or future.

It is also connected to the spiritual consciousness as the third eye, but here we surpass manifested universe and the awareness of universal unity of all manifested forms.

Seven Body system - Multidimensional Human Being

Here we perceive original, non-manifested reality that we usually call God. That's why the crown chakra represents the centre of awareness of our unity with God. At the same time this chakra is the centre of faith, peace and patience, or trust in positive outcome of some event when everything looks bad. It is the centre of service, devotion and letting go. Person who is capable of using the crown chakra in such way can abandon ESP processes like channelling or visions - they just know if something is or is not, without any tangible or subtle indicator.

The crown chakra is named after the presupposition that in ancient times only the persons with completely opened and developed top of their head could became kings, because they were connected to God. This characteristic of the kings became twisted later, because in the known history the persons who became kings usually got there by immoral means and brutal force. The only remainder of opened crown chakra was shinny metal surrogate on their heads, meant to impress the subjects with its glitter and high price.

According to Barbara Brennan, the level of our intentionality is " Haric level is the foundation on which the aura is rests " 2. This level of existence is called the haric because of the centre of power located in the abdominal area, known from oriental martial arts. Haric level is the level of human existence connected to the accumulation of energy that is necessary for achieving our goals or our original intention at any given time.

Various researchers and traditions present different maps of haric level. The structure of the haric level that I am going to present here, using mentioned sources and personal discoveries, looks like this. The foundation of the haric level is hara line that looks like a laser beam that goes from above, from the sphere we could call heaven, through the centre of our body towards the centre of the Earth. Hara line is our axis that holds all the atoms and molecules of our physical body together.

It also allows us to contact the source of our intention and represents the foundation for each of our activities. Every time we discover the pure original intention that lies behind our actions, our mental states or situations we find ourselves in, we are connecting our consciousness with hara line. To be aware of our original intention, hara line has to be straight and unbroken, and firmly connected to the centre of the Earth.

According to Taoist teachings, there are three sources of power in nature - Heaven universe , Earth planet and Man. Haric level reflects this model. There are three sources of energy on hara line, together with three dan tiens, which are the points for energy accumulation and action. The first source of energy that fills three dan tiens is located approximately one meter above our head.

Barbara Ann Brennan calls this centre "ID point" or the individuation point, because it represents God's manifestation through individual being. At the same time, ID point carries the possibility of connecting with non-manifested reality. I would add that the source of heavenly chi allows charging of three or total of six dan tiens as centres of energy accumulation with the aspect of universal energy field that we call heavenly or spiritual.

It is a very fine and high frequency whose most typical effect is the state of freshness, peace and relaxation.


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This frequency of the universal energy field is necessary for survival of the physical body, and it's typical effect is the feeling of warmth, strength, alertness and power. Both sources of energy enable contact with numerous other frequencies and characteristics of heavenly and earthly chi that can be stored in six dan tiens or sources of power. The third source of energy is human being himself, with energy centres that Taoists call dan tien. It is located approximately two centimetres below the navel and, according to Barbara Brennan, it looks like orange golf ball. This power centre became famous through Eastern martial arts - karate or kung fu practitioners act from that spot when they perform things beyond the usual human physical capabilities breaking bricks etc.

Lower dan tien gives bodily strength and agility, i. The centre of the energy form of what we usually call the Soul is located here. This dan tien is stationed little above heart chakra, but in a different dimension, and looks like a candle flame with diffuse bluish light. Soul longs for fulfilment that is achieved through physical and psychological health, happy relationships with other people, realized creativity, work for common good and ritual life in harmony with God.

Only we know the specific forms and means of our inner fulfilment. Middle dan tien gives us the energy necessary for creation of this awareness and achievement of our personal needs. It accumulates the energy necessary for creating awareness of our spiritual goals, and the energy necessary for fulfilment of our spiritual needs. People who have this dan tien functioning properly are aware of their spiritual path, their teachers and guides or spiritual tradition they might belong to.

On the other hand, this centre is known under the name "scanner", because it allows development of capabilities of direct extra-sensory perception and influencing material and energy processes, independent of time and space. Those three dan tiens are the basic power centres on the haric level. They are located at the front of our body, in level with the hara line. However, there is more to be found on the haric level, on the back side of the hara line. A few interesting centres located there are already known by the names of "causal centre" or "assemblage point", while the third one is my personal discovery and can only be connected to Taoist point named "ming men".

The difference between front and back dan tiens is that the front dan tiens accumulate energy necessary for execution of certain energy activities, while the three back dan tiens accumulate energy for correct energy perception. With it, we perceive ourselves as energy, non-material or spiritual being and we are aware at each moment of the original intention of our existence as a spiritual being embodied in matter. So, when we are doing something we know why we do it, the purpose of each of our actions is clear to us.

Popular new-age idea of life "here and now" has its equivalent in this centre. The upper back dan tien functions harmoniously if the person's posture is straight. Our spine has to be straight, without hunching in the upper part. If our posture is upright, then we dominate the situation we are in, and we have an awareness of the solutions to eventual problems that we encounter.

The person with a straight upper part of the spine is awake and present and it is not easy to shake her. Kings and aristocracy always stated their class position with upright posture. Servants and subjects bow their heads to follow other people's orders, while persons with upright posture control the situation.

The Seven Subtle Bodies of Multidimensional Human Consciousness

That's why the true aristocrat is the person who is aware of their goals and is capable of achieving them in material reality. Our original nature is aristocratic because it contains awareness that we are not just physical beings, but much more than that. The source of nobility is in our spiritual nature, and not in the money or some illusionary idea of our own importance. Awareness of the original spiritual goal of our existence, centeredness in here and now, and the capability to control the situation are the basic characteristics of this dan tien. It is known as an "assemblage point" from the spiritual development systems described by Carlos Castaneda 3.

Castaneda's teacher Don Juan refers to the assemblage point as being the centre of our perception of the external world. Large part of the training that Don Juan's disciples go through deals with accumulation of energy in assemblage point with the purpose of entering the state of heightened awareness and seeing the world as an energetic phenomenon, and human being as luminous balls made of energy. Accumulation of energy in assemblage point leads to its movement or fluidity, which allows the disciple to change perception of the world at will and switch from one sphere of reality to another.

With the power of intention, we can change our perception and become aware that we are the ones that create the external circumstances of our lives with our perception of the world. This centre concerns the way human begins perceive themselves as persons and physical beings, here through the level of intention.

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Castaneda is talking about the original intention of our existence as physical beings when he says that the person who chooses the spiritual path becomes a warrior. Basic characteristics of this centre are awareness of ourselves, our inner states and our actions. Awareness of ourselves and our actions allows systematic perfectioning of our behaviour according to the ideal that we named "the warrior of light". Core stars level is connected to the original essence of our being.

Beyond aura and chakras which are the means of energy communication, and beyond the haric level where we find the awareness of our goals and accumulate energy necessary for their realization, we find core stars level that represents the level of our true original nature. It is the level of our real individual essence, independent of ego, soul and all other levels of personality.

Our true identity is our divine nature. This nature contains seven basic dimensions that are manifested through seven core star centres. Core star centres unveil the fascinating world of our original nature, with all of its limitless potentials. Energy of core stars centres permeates all lower level energy bodies, and all cells and atoms of our physical body.

They are not the points of energy communication or energy accumulation. Core stars level is one dimension deeper than the haric level and represents the foundation for all other levels - haric, aura and physical body. The model of star centres that I am going to present here is much different than the only other model that is known to me, which was developed by Barbara Ann Brennan. She mentions one energy centre on this level, called "the core star", and she states its characteristics.

I have started exploring this level under her influence, and at first I have just adopted her ideas considered them final. Nevertheless, my personal development, together with the development of my closest associates, spontaneously moved towards deeper engrossment of star level, which brought about completely new model of this dimension. Our experience of the core star level at this point presents it as consisting of seven basic energy centres, where each of them represent one of the basic aspects of our original nature.

Each star centre is also connected to one of the basic levels of God's creation that we usually call Heaven. The first star centre , if we observe them through their connection with heavenly spheres, is located on the central bodily axis, half way between the soul seat and throat chakra. The first level of our original divine nature is unconditional, universal love that is experienced as our original essence. It is characterized by the potential for achieving completely fulfilled and happy relationships with other beings.

Here, love exists by itself, without the need for external stimulus. It is a building material of the whole universe. Therefore, the love centre also contains the source of five elements air, water, fire, earth and ether that build the universe. Here, elements can be experienced in their purest form, where they represent pure consciousness air , pure feelings water , pure energy fire , pure action earth and pure communication ether.

Mystics have always claimed that God has created the manifested universe as crystallised love, and it is not unusual that the five elements have their source in the centre connected with love. Each star centre also contains one primordial code, where the love centre holds the type of our primordial relationship. The second star centre , as well as all the others, is also located on the central axis of our body, but this one is little bit above the navel. That centre is named by Barbara Brennan to be "the core star" and it is connected to the aspect of our original divine nature that we call creativity.

It contains the total of our original creative potential. It also contains the source of satisfaction. Life satisfaction is directly connected to realized or not realized creative impulse. There are numerous ways of realizing creative impulse in practice, but in this creative centre we can find the so-called "love of the life", that Swedish mystic Emmanuel Swedenborg talked about.

It is the type of creative activity that is the most suitable for us, i. Creative centre also contains basic archetypes of creative realization. In ancient times, the esoteric science recognized them as the twelve signs of zodiac. Each of the signs represents one specific type and field of creative realization, or one of basic God's identities. This star centre contains the original healthy matrix of all organs of our physical body, our aura and hara level centres. We can consider it to be the guardian of the original purity and perfection of our physical body, or it's sanctity as a kind of God's temple.

Many spiritual people consider the physical body and the matter to be something filthy, low or even evil. But, if we look at the matter through the eyes of the third star centre, we experience matter as equally worthy and sacred as all other forms or levels or existence. The body is a sacred creation, the temple of the spirit, and the material world is the means of God's manifestation and creative realization.

That is why the body has to be sacred tool to the enlightened beings, to use it as means of their own realization in the material world. Term "bodhisattva" can be applied to this star centre. Bodhisattva is an enlightened being that lives in physical body.

Weitere vorgeschlagene Titel

To reach enlightenment, together with other prerequisite conditions, physical body has to be healthy and purified. Also, for the enlightened soul to realize itself in material reality, it has to have a healthy and pure body. The work on bringing this centre to awareness and its opening and purification will create very powerful reactions in physical body. That's why the peace centre plays a crucial role in each process of healing the body. Apart from harmonizing our body organs and energy bodies with their original perfect matrix, another important function of this centre is bringing the person in the state of complete peace.

Inner peace will also connect us with the truth that lies beyond all dualities, all movement and processes. By discovering primordial polarities that are inscribed in this centre and by their neutralization it is possible to enter the state of deep peace. This state allows human beings to connect with that part of their nature that just is by itself, as it was originally created by God. Shiatsu observes and influences the patterns of Qi in the body, much like we can see in this landscape.

Man’s Subtle Bodies and Centres

Chinese Landscape Walters Art Museum. This mid 18th century painting contains features common to Chinese landscape art: high mountains, low valleys, diffuse mist and dense rock; water flowing peacefully or cascading down a cliff; parts of the paper heavily worked with ink or left empty. A microcosm of the universe, the forces of yin and yang in perfect balance. These way-markers of our own energetic landscape can be found in acupuncture points. In Shiatsu specifically, we find points, and the channels they lie on, by trying to detect the behaviour of Qi. It is best not to try to define the substance of Qi — often rather vaguely described as a universal energy — that forms, along with Yin and Yang, the basis of Chinese Medicine.

It is better to try to understand how Qi behaves in particular places. In the human body, it behaves in particular, predictable ways that can be recognised as patterns and, therefore, treated. Illustration from Renti jingmai tu manuscript created — The point GV20 coincides with the site of the Crown chakra and this Qing dynasty illustration from Wellcome Images shows the course of the channel or meridian on which the point lies — one of 14 paired meridians that web our body. Together the channels may be compared to the solar and lunar channels in Tibetan Medicine that flow around the central axis of the body.

Yang is of the heavens, Yin of the earth and, in Taoist philosophy, humans exist in a space between two. How we stand on that pole between heaven and earth can create patterns of health or disharmony. In Shiatsu we look for what is hidden. We ignore our energetic landscape and its subtle clues only too easily. The Western conception of mind over matter has complicated our relationship to the nuances of our anatomy and that is why so many people are in search of mindfulness.

Mindfulness is constant work. These systems allow us to organise the complexities of the human body and harness their power through the mind, making us more attune to physical and mental shifts in our individual, human experience. I visited this exhibition last year and got a bit distracted by the singing bowls in the gift shop. This blog post is a brilliant deconstruction of what the basis of mindfulness is. I am really pleased that you have emphasised mindfulness as a constant work in progress and not just a quick fix solution.

The western application of mindfulness, packaged to us as the latest wellness trend really needs to pay homage to the fact that it can only really be maintained through a constant practice that integrates both mind AND BODY! Tibet Buddhism is a complex and esoteric subject and the presentation has made it absorbing and thought provoking.

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