Guide The Mountain School: Three Years Learning as a Peace Corps Teacher in Lesotho, Africa

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And secondly, how do you pronounce Lesotho? No one I knew in the U. And I thought Google knew everything. It was my favorite lunch of the school year. Three in the whole world. We talked about foreign aid, race, Chinese presence in Lesotho, textile factories, and even my fleeting obsession with listening to the rap music of 50 Cent. Clarity is paramount.

To wit, one student noted that it seemed that my overarching goal while living in Lesotho was to understand the people by living like them, as far as possible. Bingo, I thought. Then a student asked what it has been like returning to live in the U. How so? I had trouble elaborating, except to say that my life in Lesotho was so focused — I woke up before the sun at a. I no longer have a single goal. I need to consider the question more. No matter, life in Lesotho was an enclave. It was entirely surrounded. They have an enviable group and routine going on up there. I had a great time hearing the thoughts of those who read the book, many of whom had been Peace Corps volunteers in decades past and in countries far from Lesotho Philippines, Ecuador, Liberia, Venezuela, Ghana, Belize, Niger.

Where is she now? She has taught part time at a few schools, including her alma mater, Ngoana Jesu, but is still looking for a full-time position. My books are bound for the store at the Morija Museum in Lesotho, but nothing can get to Lesotho without first getting through the Republic of South Africa. South Africans look down on Lesotho, generally. Lesotho is the poor, backward little neighbor up in the mountains.

I sent the box of books from South Lake Tahoe, California. The South African Post Office is actually in its third month of its strike. During her service, she taught English and Creative Writing at a public high school. As a student at Teachers College, Julia is pursuing her M. She first served as an English teacher in Nicaragua from ,and then served again in Colombia as a Small Business and Youth Development volunteer from Additionally, she taught job acquisition and university prep skills to at-risk, high school youth in Portland, Oregon.

Her teaching and general life philosophy is to be kind to all; everyone is facing a difficult battle you may know nothing about. She is excited to instill a love of learning in Spanish and English in her students in early elementary grades and to create an inviting bilingual space in her classroom. Sarah is currently a second grade teacher in a dual language program in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. She served as a primary school English teacher in Struga, Macedonia. Amit was born in India but has spent the majority of his life in the Lone Star State. From he was an education volunteer in Ghana, where he taught middle school math.

Now, he is teaching high school Statistics in the Bronx. He likes teaching because he gets to work with a variety of people and gain new perspectives. Math is an especially exciting subject to teach because its applications are universal. His goal as a teacher is to sharpen the minds of his students as well as his own to aid in the creation of a society of critical thinkers.

Maria is from the Bay Area of Northern California. On the island nation of Saint Lucia, Maria worked with the National Youth Council to develop leadership skills among secondary school students throughout the entire country. Maria employed history in her training sessions and realized then she had found a passion.

Currently, Maria is enjoying teaching 10th graders global history at a high school in Brooklyn. She loves working with a diverse set of students who teach her new things every day! Returning to New York, she worked in arts, media and marketing for over a decade before turning to teaching. As a high school English teacher, she has taught in the Bronx and Manhattan and has a passion for delivering creative and innovative lessons combining her experience in the arts, media, and global travel.

Through teaching, she aims to develop the critical and interdisciplinary thinking skills students need for the next century by developing teaching curricula balancing a rigorous, aesthetic educational approach incorporating the visual and performing arts with the the global perspectives that Peace Corps service cultivates.

From there, James joined the Peace Corps and served in Indonesia as an English teacher in a small town called Ngronggot, the name of which only the locals could pronounce correctly. Now he lives and teaches in the central Brooklyn neighborhood of Bedford-Stuyvesant at a small public school. With his 9th graders, James is working to create an ELA classroom space that is both safe and brave , where he and his students can step into their true selves while working hard to develop the skills and understandings necessary to navigate and push back against an often dehumanizing and unjust society.

During and after college, she directed youth leadership camps, worked as an AmeriCorps tutor, and volunteered with community outreach groups. During her service, she focused on training teen health promoters in sexual health and positive decision making and organizing a healthy homes network of young mothers. Additionally, she co-designed and implemented a female empowerment camp and participated in an English Teaching Committee. Rebecca is teaching high school social studies and hopes to inspire her students to understand the world from a variety of different perspectives.

Joseph's College. He served as a secondary mathematics teacher and basketball coach from in Liberia. Alex plans on teaching Mathematics and coaching basketball at the high school grade level in New York City. He believes that education and a worldly view are the essential tools that foster the path and passion for each individual's life.

Meredith grew up in Westchester, New York. She attended Duke University and majored in her favorite subject, mathematics. After college, she traveled to Mali, West Africa with the Peace Corps, where her main projects focused on women and girl's empowerment. Most recently, she taught at an all-girls high school that focuses on outdoor education and traveling.

As a student at Columbia's Teachers College, Meredith is studying for a masters in mathematics education.

Three Years Learning as a Peace Corps Teacher in Lesotho, Africa

For three years she worked at a Maryland high school as a secretary and program development coordinator. She also volunteered with two organizations which serve at-risk youth in her community. During her service, Kelly worked with community partners to open a preschool and develop the first early childhood education program in her village. She also published culturally appropriate children's books, hosted anti-violence and student rights workshops, and tutored primary and secondary school students.

Ronja is a New Yorker who has been working in education and the arts for the past ten years. Ronja taught middle school English, developed an anti-violence teacher-training workshop, and led weekly girls empowerment clubs. While studying at Teachers College, Ronja will be working as an elementary school teacher focusing on Intellectual Disabilities and Autism. A rural Minnesota native, Kateri has worked in diverse education contexts. While earning her B. Amy is originally from Horsham, Pennsylvania. Throughout college Amy worked with children with special needs as an assistant applied behavior analysis ABA therapist and tutor.

From Amy worked as an English co-teacher in a small village in the Republic of Macedonia as a Peace Corps volunteer. She was selected to be a teacher trainer to help prepare new Peace Corps volunteers to work in Macedonian schools. Working with children with special needs, especially children with intellectual disabilities and autism, has always been a passion for Amy.

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She served in the Peace Corps in Ghana, West Africa from , where she taught vocational art at schools for the deaf. At the schools, Caitlin trained teachers in sign language, cultivated a farm, generated student led health clubs, and renovated libraries. She collaborated with a group of deaf teachers to produce a word Ghanaian Sign Language Dictionary. After her return from Ghana, Caitlin worked for Youth Advocacy Program by promoting self-advocacy and support systems for children with Autism.

She looks forward to working in a New York City elementary school in correlation to being a fellow in the Intellectual Disabilities and Autism program at Columbia's Teachers College. While in Azerbaijan, Olivia worked with the regional Ministry of Education as a teacher trainer, leading bi-monthly trainings for area English educators and co-teaching English courses in various grade levels. Outside of school hours, Olivia facilitated advanced English language courses for area professionals and students pursuing education abroad, while also working as an editor for PCAZ's official blog.

As a Peace Corps Fellows, Olivia intends to teach middle school English and continue her commitment to encouraging and inspiring all students to reach and live at their highest, full potential. Nathan calls Florida home, where he has spent most of his life and academic career, including graduating from the University of South Florida with a B. Afterward, he gained a wealth of international and cultural experience studying in southern Spain, traveling through Europe and West Africa; during his Peace Corps service in Sierra Leone, he taught English Language Arts at junior and senior secondary Schools.

As a Language Arts teacher in rural Sierra Leone, Nathan committed himself to many community projects, which included a malaria awareness campaign, a girl's leadership conference, and literacy programs culminating in the creation of a new school library. Bryan is a native of Washington State; he has been working in education and youth development since After working as both a museum guide and community college writing center tutor for several years, Bryan joined the Peace Corps and served as both an English Teacher and Teacher Trainer for two years in Cambodia. He extended his service for one further year to work as a Curriculum Development Advisor, serving as the liaison between Peace Corps Cambodia and the Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sport.

Bryan is a member of the Peace Corps Fellows cohort and will be graduating with his M. Brian also co-led the first national science camp in Guinea prior to being evacuated due to Ebola in He plans to teach high school chemistry where he hopes to spark a love of science and develop a sense of inquisitiveness in his students.

After graduation, Julie served as a full time AmeriCorps volunteer in the St. Louis Public School system as an education volunteer.

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After her service with AmeriCorps Julie joined the Peace Corps and saw herself placed as a literacy tutor in a rural Jamaican school. While in Madagascar, Gabrielle taught 6th and 11thgrade English in urban public schools as well as weekly English courses for employees of two local NGOs.

She also facilitated conversation classes, film screenings, and children's programs at a local English resource facility. In her second year of service, Gabrielle co-designed and led a GLOW Girls Leading Our World Camp for young women in her region that focused on reproductive health and female empowerment. As a result of her experiences in Madagascar, Gabrielle decided to pursue a degree in education. Currently, she is working towards a M. Having been born and raised outside of Philadelphia, Kimberle attended Temple University, where she encountered a professor who served in Peace Corps Afghanistan.

He introduced her to the limitless possibilities of service. Their subsequent conversations became the catalyst for her own Peace Corps Morocco Adventure. Having always had a passion for technology, philosophy, and the essence of human communication, Kimberle grew to immensely enjoy teaching English, among other things, to the Moroccan youth of my local Dar Chabab youth center.

It was there in that tiny town, so far from home, that she developed what could be called her more expanded world view. Kimberle observed the education systems, both at home and abroad. She can remember scanning the small, smiling faces of her students and thinking simply, we can do better. As a result of these experiences, she is very excited to have been granted the opportunity to teach English to middle school children here in the United States, while learning all she can in Teachers College at Columbia University. Hannah is from Columbia, Maryland and attended St. Mary's College of Maryland, a small liberal arts school, from She graduated with a degree in Political Science with a concentration in African Studies and a minor in Theater Studies.

She served with the Peace Corps in South Africa from , where she taught 7th grade Mathematics and co-taught English and Social Studies classes throughout the elementary and middle school level. Hannah also developed extracurricular activities for children, organizing dance, music, and art lessons. Thereafter, he served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Romania where he taught English at all academic levels and managed social justice projects for Roma youth. Since returning to the United States, Kevin has remained in contact with Romanian educators, sharing best practices and methodologies in English education.

Along with his teaching duties, he wrote grants and raised money, partnering with WorldVision to create a computer class using the internet and build toilets for his schools. He extended his service for a third year after being selected to be the first "Stomping out Malaria in Africa" coordinator for Sierra Leone. Liam is currently teaching 6th, 7th, and 8th grade at MS in the South Bronx, where he teaches Humanities, focusing on writing skills, as well as current and social studies.

She is a member of the cohort of the Peace Corps Fellows program. Christina Martin is from Southern California. Christina attended the University of California, Berkeley, where she majored in Environmental Conservation. She graduated with her B. Upon graduating, Christina began her Peace Corps service in Guatemala where she specialized in environmental programs which included environmental education and eco-tourism facilitation.

She is in the process of completing her M. She earned her B. After spending her final semester of college studying abroad in Ireland, Szasha served as a 6thth grade English teacher in both Cape Verde and Mozambique. Now, Szasha is looking forward to revisiting her love for History and jumping back into the classroom as a high school Social Studies teacher. She is passionate about providing a high quality education for all students and is looking forwards to continuing to change the world one young empowered mind at a time.

Michael was involved in a variety of activities throughout his undergraduate career. His activities included: tutoring, first-year orientation leader, and research in Computational Mathematics. Michael studied abroad in Barcelona, Spain his junior year of college which sparked his interest in both languages and travel. After graduating from college, Michael joined the Peace Corps where he served for two years in Mozambique and taught English and Computer Science at the secondary level.

While in Mozambique, Michael organized science fairs at both the local and provincial levels, managed the building of a local community center, as well as facilitated, organized, and managed workshops at the local, provincial, and national levels around topics of women's empowerment. Craig Smith, an Oregon native, has been an educator since In , Craig worked to found an international development non-profit in Ecuador.

Matt Thornton hails from Massachusetts, where he received his B. He has worked with adolescents in every facet from summer camps to after-school enrichment programs. Upon graduating, he spent three months volunteering at the Early Intervention Program in Namibia, which sparked his interest in youth development and education.

After the invaluable experience of teaching English in rural Azerbaijan from to , he is devoted to applying his holistic educational philosophy in the diverse communities of New York City.

Meet Farmer Tantoh, Grassroots Environmentalist from Cameroon, Africa

As a volunteer in the Northern Cape province in the Kalahari Desert, she taught basic computer literacy and reading classes to primary school learners. After finishing high school in Honolulu, Hawaii, Lauren received her B. While serving as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Mali, Lauren taught English to local middle school students, collaborated with a women's group to start a soap-making business, conducted elementary school girls through a life-skills program, and spent a lot of time drinking tea with her hilarious host dad Nfablen. As a PC Fellow who seeks to become a secondary school English teacher, Lauren's goal is to inspire her students to become critical thinkers capable challenging Steve Jobs in a creativity contest.

Trevor was born into a family of restaurateurs in a small Ohio town, where he has left behind the pots and pans to pursue a life of teaching. While there he learned valuable lessons in cultural exchange and how to make fermented tropical fish paste palatable. After a year substituting in American schools, Trevor is on bees knees looking forward to teaching Social Studies at a New York City secondary school.

Jonathon is from Owensboro, Kentucky and received a B. He served as a Peace Corps Volunteer teaching high school mathematics in Mozambique He is ready for the exciting transition from rural Mozambique to urban education in NYC.

The Mountain School

Jonathon looks forward to utilizing his cross-cultural skills and passion for social justice to ignite enthusiasm for science in his future students. He plans on teaching high school chemistry. From March June , David served as a Youth Development Volunteer in Eastern Ukraine where he lived and worked alongside year-old students in a rural boarding school.

After leaving Peace Corps, David worked on staff for two years at the national non-profit City Year in Miami, Florida, where he leads teams of AmeriCorps volunteers through a year of in-school service providing targeted, small-group instruction and intervention to Miami's most under-resourced schools. David is excited to carry on his family's legacy of a strong commitment to civil service and public education.

Martin was born in Los Angeles, California on October 9th, His parents, Martin Sr. He spent the first years of his life living in Compton, California, before moving to South Los Angeles when he was in the fourth grade. It was here where he encountered one of the teachers which first greatly influenced his life, Mr. Cooke, and began showing him that a teacher must be a moral leader as well as an educator.

Martin later attended the California Academy of Mathematics and Science, a magnet high school created for students who strived towards higher education. Through his lessons and constant push to put students first, Mr. He was the reason that Martin Castro chose a career in education, and Mr. Denman continues to be a source of support and inspiration. After receiving his degree, he joined the thousands of other proudly-serving Americans and became a part of the Peace Corps.

He served as a Teacher of English as a Foreign Language in Ukraine for three years, educating primary, high school, and university students on a myriad of topics and lessons. After returning home, Martin most recently worked as a substitute teacher before being accepted into the Peace Corps Fellows Program. After earning her BA in Classics, Jillian worked as an English tutor at a community college and in area middle schools with after-school and at-risk youth programs.

After the realization that she actually really liked working with middle schoolers, Jillian joined the Peace Corps. Her experiences in Peace Corps cemented her love of teaching. Jillian believes education extends far beyond the classroom walls and looks forward to becoming an active member of the New York City community. Heather is from the small town of Grass Lake, Michigan. As a volunteer, Heather taught mathematics, history, and English, as well as advised the student Language Club and coached volleyball.

As a Peace Corps Fellow, she hopes to create a learning environment that inspires critical analysis and civic mindedness while teaching social studies in New York Public Schools. He worked as a substitute teacher and volunteer coordinator before serving as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Albania. As a Peace Corps Volunteer, Dennis taught English language and American culture classes at the university, secondary school, and primary school level.

He also assisted with English teacher trainings, youth leadership camps, extracurricular English courses, and the creation of school libraries. Dennis hopes to empower learners in New York City as a teacher for students with disabilities as the childhood level. John is from Deerfield, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago. After receiving his B. Following this, John served as a Peace Corps Volunteer for two years in Burkina Faso as a secondary math and computer teacher. John has a passion for math and education, and believes he can make mathematics an exciting and fun subject for any student. Whitney grew up in Sebastopol, a small town in Northern California.

During Whitney's Peace Corps service in Kenya she taught at an elementary school for the Deaf where some of the cutest kids in the world live and play. In addition to teaching, she helped plan and install a water well, led staff and parent education programs, and learned to laugh at herself more than she ever thought possible. After completing her service in late , Whitney lived in Oregon and worked as a nanny, spending her days with more incredibly adorable children.

She hopes to create a classroom community in New York City where students develop an appreciation for literature, as well as each other and the world around them. Prior to his service, Steve worked as a youth care worker at a group home for adjudicated youth and youth in care and protection. Lucia from , where he worked to develop a life skills curriculum for primary school students around the island.

Outside of his primary assignment, Steve designed and implemented service learning activities, helped to develop a borrowing library, and facilitated a chess club at the Babonneau Primary School. As a Peace Corps Fellow, Steve is excited about the opportunity of teaching in New York City, and hopes to be able connect with his students and encourage them to think critically about the world.

There, she served as an Environmental Educator working primarily in the local elementary schools, though her favorite activity was her all-female volleyball league. She looks forward to teaching Bilingual Education at the elementary level this coming fall. Starlight is from Deadwood, Oregon. I would like to teach High School Social Studies. I believe learning about other cultures and people is one of the most important things in life.

It will help us understand that in essence we are all the same. Since earning her bachelor degrees in Psychology and Drama from the University of California, Irvine, Tiffany has spent the majority of her time in the field of International Development beginning with three years of service with the Peace Corps in Mozambique. While in Mozambique, she co-founded a non-profit learning center that used the creative arts to teach vulnerable children about HIV care, prevention, and stigma. Tiffany is passionate about issues affecting access to education, therefore working with both inner-city youth with special needs is a two-fold intervention that inspires her.

Samieh is from Covina, California. As a Mexican-Arabic American, cross cultures exchanges have always captivated the young woman which inspired her to apply in the Peace Corps. After a prolonged acceptance, she severed as a Youth Volunteer residing in a rural village of Dublanc, Dominica. She also promoted the importance of literacy by co-teaching remedial reading and overseeing the Dublanc Primary School library reestablishment. She hopes to inspire her students that the sky is the limit no matter the barriers they may encounter.

Shanice is originally from Chicago, IL. Shanice served in the Dominican Republic as a Community Economic Development volunteer, working with small businesses in the ecotourism industry. Shanice has spent nearly seven years in Los Angeles working in the entertainment industry. She looks forward to starting her career in public service, working with children as well as living in New York City. While in Peru, Christie taught English classes, led workshops on healthy lifestyles, and worked very closely with a local special education school.

As part of the cohort of Peace Corps Fellows, Christie looks forward to delving deeper into the study of special education and gaining valuable teaching experience in New York City schools. She dreams of someday running an Expeditionary Learning school where diverse learners are truly welcome. In the Peace Corps, she served in the Republic of Macedonia from to , primarily working with English teachers and students at a large multi-ethnic high school. As a Peace Corps Fellow, she looks forward to teaching social studies at the secondary level.

Jane believes that a broad world view and deep understanding of the history, geography and cultures of all corners of the world are vital to understanding and appreciating one's own community and heritage, and hopes to inspire in her students a passion for the many elements of social studies. While in the Peace Corps, she served in the southern African country of Lesotho, teaching middle and high school English Language and Literature. Andrew grew up in the small farm town of Snohomish, WA, north of Seattle. After attending Santa Clara University in Northern California, he took his degree in biology to Mbeya Region, Tanzania as a secondary school biology teacher for Peace Corps and a private school just across the river from Malawi.

In addition to teaching, he found great joy in secondary projects such as Girls Empowerment Conferences, installing water pipes and taps at a nearby school, and moderating English debate clubs. A travel and culture enthusiast, Andrew is excited to bring his passion for inspiring youth and desire to serve to the diverse and vibrant classrooms of New York City.

She has worked in various educational institutions that seek to combat educational inequality and expose students regardless of their financial status to quality education. She assisted her organization by conducting various capacity building workshops and created educational programs for a small rural community library. Kiera plans on teaching High School English in her hometown: the Bronx. She hopes to inspire her students to appreciate the power of literature and encourage them to become more invested in making positive contributions in their community.

Jordyn was raised in a military family, and has moved around his entire life. He was born in Greece, but spent most of his childhood in upstate New York. He intends to teach middle school English through the Peace Corps Fellows program. His primary career goal is to empower youth to become more active and contributing citizens in their immediate and extended communities. Megan comes all the way from East Glacier, a small reservation town on the border of the Blackfoot Nation and Glacier National Park in northern Montana.

She attended the University of Montana and earned a B. After graduating college, she moved to southern Spain to work as an English teacher in a Spanish primary school. Deciding that teaching and traveling was pretty cool, she applied to the Peace Corps and served two years in Tejen, Turkmenistan, where she taught English at two local schools and ran a free learning center for community members and teachers. After Peace Corps, she returned to Montana to earn her secondary teaching credentials in English and Spanish. In New York City, she looks forward to working in the classroom of a duel language or international school, as well as hopefully contribute to the development and progress of bilingual education in the U.

Patrick is from Sacramento, California and attended the San Francisco Art Institute, where he studied photography, and the University of California, Davis, where he studied art history. In the Peace Corps, he assisted in the creation of a cultural art museum and taught English classes to artisans. He was also a health educator and photographer for Plan International. For the past two years, he has lived in Ossining, New York with his wife, Stella. Patrick plans to draw from his history, art, and museum background to teach secondary Social Studies.

Patrick is from St. He intends to teach secondary English and looks forward to continuing his teaching career in New York City. Lori is from Burlington Township, New Jersey. Jen hails from the great state of Vermont where we do not apologize for our cheese. Jen studied International Studies at Colby College with a minor in Mathematics which thankfully offered her the opportunity to serve as a Secondary School Mathematics Teacher in Malawi for two years with the Peace Corps.

In addition to teaching Math, she also taught English and a little science, served as the matron of all things as the only female teacher in the school, started some clubs and built and supplied a science laboratory that now acts as a resource for the region. From there Jen worked with an international education non-profit supporting projects throughout East Africa until being posted to a project back in Malawi supporting the new primary school curriculum.

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As a Peace Corps Fellow, she is excited to be back in the classroom working directly with students and sharing a love of learning to allow others the same opportunities to make the most of living in a global community. Alisha is from Pittsburgh, PA and she graduated from the University of New Hampshire with a BS in zoology and with minors in animal behavior and marine biology. She served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in the South Pacific island nation of Vanuatu as a business and community development advisor from to Alisha believes every child has the right to a good education; and she is excited to teach biology to students in NYC!

He graduated from Berea College in Kentucky with a B. A in Spanish and French. During his service as a PCV, he co-taught, taught English to elementary students, ran a life skills camp, and helped to establish an English Club. Nico plans to teach Bilingual Education at the Elementary level. Ben hails from the great State of Montana, where he attended the university thereof to obtain his BA in biology and his initial teacher certification in The Peace Corps took him to the faraway land of Tanzania, where he taught biology and chemistry at a rural secondary school.

His return to the US heralded a move to Boston, the expansion of his teaching certification to include general science, and the instruction of integrated science in a suburban middle school. He came to New York by way of South Africa, where he lived for a year while working at the American International Schools of Johannesburg and Pretoria and Premier Tutoring Services, a tutoring company of his own founding. Ben is excited at the prospect of teaching biology in the New York City public schools, and looks forward to sharing the experience with all of his peers in the Peace Corps Fellowship Program.

His love of learning is infectious, and he styles himself as not just a biology teacher, but a mentor in the science of life. He served in Peace Corps as a teacher trainer in Bayankhongor, Mongolia. He is looking forward to working as an Enlgish teacher in New York City. Erica is the child of two military parents and as a result, has grown up around the world.

Shortly after graduation, she joined Peace Corps and served as a teacher trainer in the small country of Lesotho in southern Africa. As a Peace Corps Fellow, Erica looks forward to studying special education further with a focus on Intellectual Disabilities and Autism. Her primary assignment was that of a resource teacher for pre-school and early primary educators. She also taught Life Skills to primary school students; which she sees as the most rewarding aspect of her service. Leeza believes that education has a unique power to create positive social change.

She looks forward to teaching Social Studies in New York City where she hopes to empower diverse groups of students with the skills to become informed and compassionate citizens of this world. His Peace Corps service landed him in the small African country of Lesotho. He spent his two years teaching math, health, and baseball.

Adam will teach high school math in New York City. Mike is from Denver, CO and graduated with a B. As a Peace Corps Fellow, he hopes to bring enthusiasm and compassion to the classroom to inspire his students to learn math, invest in their educations, and understand the larger world in which they live. Karen grew up in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. During her junior year in college, Karen took advantage of the opportunity to study abroad in Dakar, Senegal. It was in Senegal that she discovered her passion for traveling, learning languages, and studying culture and history.

Karen lived in a Konkomba village in northern Togo for two years during her Peace Corps service. While there, she enjoyed the time she spent in a classroom teaching English and as a result she decided to pursue education as a career. Karen looks forward to teaching social studies in a New York City classroom and to using her experiences to motivate and engage her students. Serving as a Community Health Volunteer in the southern African nation of Mozambique from , he focused on developing small group lessons for elementary aged students.

He will begin studying to teach Social Studies at the secondary level, believing that an engaged citizen is not only a more intelligent one, but a contributor to the evolution and growth of social change. He served as a Peace Corps Volunteer for three years in Mongolia. Joseph Donnelly is from the small town of Bellefontaine, Ohio. He graduated from Ohio University with a B. Josef served as a Peace Corps Volunteer for three years on a tiny sun-drenched coral atoll in the Federated States of Micronesia.

His primary assignment was to teach English, but he also worked diligently to help encourage youth and community development. Josef believes earnestly in education's ability to engender social equity and allow individuals from all backgrounds to achieve their dreams. After teaching and living an idyllic life on a small tropical island Josef is looking forward to teaching social studies in New York City. It is her goal to inspire all of her students to dream big, never settle, and achieve greatness.

After graduating, he served in the Peace Corps as a secondary mathematics teacher at an all-boys government secondary school in rural Tanzania. There he fell in love with teaching and saw first hand what an essential and powerful tool education is in helping others improve their lives.

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As a Peace Corps Fellow, Eddie is excited to continue developing the skills he needs to be an effective educator while making a difference in New York City's vibrant communities as a high school math teacher. Throughout college Melissa became interested in experiencing and studying world cultures and understanding how societal factors interact to affect students' social and cognitive development. In order to further explore these interests and continue her passion of working with students she joined the Peace Corps immediately after graduating and became a Youth Development Volunteer in Honduras.

Returning to the U. She believes that education creates opportunities and cannot wait to make an impact! His interests and passion for teaching have led him to teach in a bilingual classroom. He learned the importance of an education at a young age and thus, became the first family member to attend college.

He later joined the Peace Corps in to encourage youth development and assist small business owners in Northern Peru. It was in the Peace Corps where he discovered his passion for teaching. Now his goal is to become a social studies high school teacher to teach individuals about the world that we live in and learn to appreciate other people's differences. Joel is from the south suburban town of Chicago called Tinley Park.

He went to school at the St. Joel feels that everyone should be in constant awareness of how fast time passes so that we may live every day with a little more zeal. Gwen Kehr hails from the Philadelphia suburbs. She completed her undergraduate degree at the University of Pittsburgh where she studied biological sciences and English writing. While in the Peace Corps she called the southern African country of Lesotho her home and taught high school science and English. Gwen believes in a holistic approach towards education and is excited to teach high school biology in New York City.

After graduating from Caltech, she worked for a couple of years before joining the Peace Corps. She was originally nominated to be a science teacher, but ended up invited and serving primarily as a math teacher in Burkina Faso.