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It started out as 'play' that I did out of love for him. It was simple, light bondage, soft spankings. I now look at what it has become, piercings in places I never dreamed. He started sharing me with others and takes discipline very seriously. When and how did I go from being a good girl to a slave girl? Words: 23, Published: June 7, by GNP. Words: 33, This book is a major literary spankfest! If you're a spankophile you'll want to read it! This ebook contains two bonus ebooks. Words: 19, Published: June 6, by GNP.

Master and slave can add, up. Words: 22, Published: June 5, by GNP. They have agreed to accept regular spankings and other sexually oriented activity in exchange for lowering their prison sentence and earning extra money. For them life is filled with spankings, paddlings and strappings as well as other BDSM related experiences.

Published: June 4, by GNP. I make my living off of being spanked. I love how my butt is almost always warm and marked. I also have a lovely, though sadist mistress who I play with as all this spanking sure makes me horny. My butt can take a lot of spanking and good thing because folks who pay to spank me, really like to get their money's worth. Often they spank me as hard and as long as they physically can.

Words: 20, Learn and define the specifics of your adult spanking relationship! Spanking of minors is not discussed in this book. Words: 25, Published: June 3, by GNP. His arm is strong and his body is firm and he'll be upstairs soon to take care of this matter once and for all. As she stands in the corner waiting for her spanking, her untouched bottom is exhibited in all its pristine glory.

The pretty lady fidgets and mewls in nervous anticipation. She knows that soon she'll be back in the corner but sporting a much redder behind. My mistress is very demanding and strict. She controls my life in almost every way. I pleasure my mistress many times a week. Mistress is a firm believer of keeping her slave well disciplined and has a big collection of paddles, slappers, straps, whips, floggers, heavy rulers and more.

This is the second volume along with two other related ebooks. Published: June 2, by GNP. This ebook comes with two free additional ebooks. Misguided, misinformed or just misbehaving? If so bare bottom adult spanking is there for you! Is it a bare bottom punishment spanking that the lovely lady is going to get? Looks like it. She stands in the corner of their bedroom waiting for the inevitable. She knows she's been bad but thought she could get away with it one more time.

Spanking Romance by T. Published: June 1, by GNP. My Master and I have a spanking romance. Master spanks me about twice a day. It's one way he shows how much he loves me, and it's something he genuinely likes to do. To finish the day off, often Master gives me a spanking before bedtime. If a friend comes over that's into BDSM, he'll let him or her spank me also if they want.

I don't think he feels I can be spanked enough. Words: 28, Hi, my name is Jenni. I'm twenty and a schoolgirl at a very prestigious all girls private college in South Africa. We all wear school girl uniforms. Well here in s South Africa, us schoolgirls would get spanked for our transgressions. I now will tell you all about it. Published: May 31, by GNP. Well no long boring build ups to all the spankings in this book. This pretty masochistic BDSM slave girl makes her living from getting the spankings other girls can't take.

And man can she ever take a long, hard over the knee, bare bottom spanking. Words: 24, This book is a detailed account of the erotic prison life for numerous incarcerated women inmates. They have agreed to accept corporal punishment and other sexually oriented activities in exchange for lowering their prison sentence. For them life is filled with discipline and sex. Rules are numerous and punishments are doled out liberally.

Bi-sexuality is the norm. Words: 21, Published: May 29, by GNP. She ends up marrying him and they leave to go to his claim by dog sled. She still ends up sleeping with him and gets pregnant. She then ends up being employed by the hero's wife who is also pregnant, making her dresses. The wife discovers the other woman is pregnant and does not know its her husbands and shames the woman. The wife also ends up trying to kill her own child with a pillow but is stopped and I can't remember if they put her in a home or what but the hero ends up with the Heroine and finds out she has his baby as well.

This one takes place in Australia on a sheep ranch. He is supposed to be engaged to her sister. She offers to marry him in her sister's place. Also they're father wanted the sister to marry the man so he could pay off the family's debt. Hi I am looking for 3 novels.

I think there may be more. They might be half brothers. There mom has remarried. One of the books there is an art gallery and the woman who runs it gets kidnapped by her brothers drug running friends. The other book one of the sons has a daughter. Help me please. Hi first I want to excuse myself. I am looking for a novel. I just remember there was kind of a bet about a mansion going on between the hero and the heroine because of the heroes brother.

I was kind of just looking through the book, I haven't really read it. Hi everyone. Just found out about this place, this looks great. English not my first language, so sorry for any mistakes. I read some posts from the previous thread and I recognized a couple books that I'm also looking for I think Can't remember the author, much less the title or the characters names.

The 1st was posted in ' It is set in England near the Thames. In the beginning the heroine is a highwayman dressed as a boy and is in charge of a group of orphaned boys. She tries to rob a nobleman and he captures her and takes her to his home to be punished. When they go to spank her they figure out she is a she and he decides to keep her and train her to be a lady. In the end she ends up being or looking like someone important that they were looking for all along. Some other random things: I think she had her first "tub" bath and compared it to bathing in the Thames. I believe she had long red hair.

During regency time in London, somehow the heroine is passing as a servant boy in the hero house, I think that she tried to rob him, but the hero was sorry and gave her a job instead and then the hero some lord starts to have feelings for the 'boy', when he finds it's a girls instead, he makes her his mistress and in the end eventually they get married. I think that she also was someone important who was kidnapped and got amnesic.

I'm starting to feel that I'm mixing 2 stories The 2nd was posted in ' I think he was drunk or something and she tries to rob him and his friend and he catches her and forces her to marry her. Shes actually suppose to be an aristrocat who got kidnapped when she was young. I remember then the heros father teaching her how to be a lady and then launching her into society and shes all beautiful and witty and successful.

The hero falls for her without realising shes his wife and i remember how she kept visiting the streets to feed some orphans or something and the hero meets her there again asking for a divorce or something along the lines Hi- new member - : I am looking for a futuristic romance from the 80's or 90's.

A female pilot or law enforcer of some type crashes on a prison planet. The decedents of the original prisoners are living there and have formed a somewhat barbarian like society swords, etc. She and the hero fall in love and eventually leave the planet. There is some political strife, as the decedents of the original prisoners were being kept on the planet even though they hadn't done anything.

I can't really remember the details. The heroine had a vine tattoo that wrapped from her foot, around her leg, across her back, to "bloom" on her chest. I think she had red hair. I kept thinking this book was by Elizabeth Lowell or someone mainstream but I can't find it anywhere. Anyone have a clue what book this is? Thanks for any thoughts!! The first book was Warrior's Woman. I know the female lands on the heros planet when her planet is invaded. The hero's planet is a barbarian planet where woman are second class citizens.

He ends up going back with her to help her planet out. I don't think she had a tattoo but maybe its another book in the series? Hi all. Im new to this and its all because im desperate to figure out this book. I do not have a lot of information but it starts in London. This woman who is living with her aunt and uncle is sent to live with the aunts brother. The aunts brother makes advances towards the woman.

She tries to escape and the brother is killed in the fray. She runs from the house and is snatched up and taken to a ship captain because she is mistaken for a prostitute. After that night she goes back home to her aunts and uncles she ends up being pregnant and they make the captain take her with him as he was leaving to America after they collected money from him.

He thinks he was tricked and makes it hard for the woman. She becomes very ill on the ride to America. He lived on a plantation of sorts with a woman neighbor he was intimate with. The neighbor is very jealous of his wife they were married in a quick ceremony before they left london the thought of the murder of her aunts brother follows her and she believes she is at fault. I think there was another character that was rhe brothers accomplice he was a creepy, slight kind of man.

I hope someone can help me and I get the chance to help someone else! Thank you. I would never have found it. Even the brief description on amazon would not have jogged my memory. I had to try a sample just to be sure. Thank you wadcb3! You are amazing. Please help!! There were twins: a boy and a girl who lost their parents and were left in guardianship of a Duke.

The boy ran away to sea to become a sailor and have a great adventure. So, the girl dressed up, pretending to be a boy and went to meet their newly appointed guardian. The Duke, trying to "man up" his new feminine looking ward took him her to a bordello very comical and that was where he found out that he was actually a she!! He ended up marrying her and then had her twin brought back from the ship he was on.

I think the girl's name was Alyssa and her twin was Nicky. There is more to the story but any help you can give would be appreciated. I've been looking for this book for a while but couldn't find it. I don't remember a lot of details. It's about a model coming back to her hometown. The book starts with her speeding when she's going into town. The male character is a cop and they went to high school together. Any help finding this book would be greatly appreciated!

I'm looking for a book about a woman who is married with a small daughter. She is hit by a car, I believe, and dies while in the hospital. But, she decides that it's not her time yet and takes over the body of a single woman who was also injured. She recovers from her new body's injuries and finds her husband and daughter to check up on them they end up becoming friends and more. In the end, the husband finds out or she tells him what happened and after a while they end up back together. I believe it was a Silhouette or Harlequin. Hey all I am in need of your help! I have been trying to figure out the title of a book.

Here is a summary of what I remember of the plot Ringing any bells for anyone? I am a newbie here The heroin however disguised herself as a normal girl and work at a ranch. She likes all the heavy machinery used at the ranch. The hero is her boss and owner of the ranch. He treats her like his other worker and has a girlfriend i think. The girlfriend is very vain and the heroin notice that his girlfriend pretends to be trendy but actually she is not.

Hi: I have been looking for a specific romantic book for ages. I came across this site today and thought I would give it a try. I think he has nightmares and the girl tries to help him with that. I am not so sure on the specifics. So some of the above could be totally imaginary. I hope someone can help me! Thanks a lot! Hello everyone! I came across this site today and hope someone can help me.

Here's what I remember: The heroine is from France, an orphan, goes to love with her uncle? Her cousin is an heiress. The hero is poor nobility and must marry for money. He visits the uncle's estate with his two friends to court the cousin. She gets pregnant. One of the hero's friends helps set her up with a shop in London where she resells dresses.

Thanks so much for the help! Hi all! I'm glad I found this thread. I'm new to posts like these so bare with me. I've been trying to find the name of this book for a long time now and it's driving me crazy. Please help me. I don't remember much of the plot of the story or the names of the characters 'coz I read this book a while back. What I do remember though is that this book is kinda on the adult romance genre.

The story starts where a beautiful virgin young woman daughter of a man of power - probably a politician gets raped by a fat, short and old diplomat not really sure if he's a diplomat but he scares the girl by saying she can't tell anyone 'coz he has immunity in that country. After being raped she is kidnapped by the same diplomat but she gets saved by a man love interest 1 but then she gets caught again by the diplomat and after some time saved by another man love interest 2.

She then gets abducted by tribal people and she was deemed to be "the one" deity or something maiden or sun goddess because of her beauty. Love interests 1 and 2 joins this ritual and 2 wins and they escape from the tribal people. Going back to civilization she gets confronted by the two love interests to choose between them who she loves most.

She chooses love interest 1 but near the end she realizes, she loves love interest 2 more so she leaves 1 for 2 and they live happily ever after. I forgot most of the scenes and it was a thick book so there were a lot of scenes I forgot I wanna read them again but I just can't remember details that will lead me to the book. I don't know if what I read was already an omnibus or just a very long novel. Any ideas?? New to this, but hopefully someone can help! I've tried searching for this book, but Google is failing me. It's a regency romance novel. He takes her to his country home, and she gets along with his staff.

Possibly something about her organizing his library. She gets pregnant, but hides it from him. He takes her back to London, and she continues to hide the pregnancy from him she's miserable in the carriage ride to town -- I think because she's trying to be the perfect ton wife. Her morning sickness gets so bad that she avoids callers; and then she's still so tired in the afternoon, that she cleverly avoids social calls and stays home to be well enough to go out for evening events tells Lady A that she'll be at Lady B's musical, tells Lady B she'll be elsewhere, etc.

When her husband realizes that he is in love with her, he tries to track her down in the afternoon, going from point A to B to C, etc. They both profess their love, he takes her back to the country, and everything ends well. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!! Hi guys I'm new here!

I need help finding this book. I of course can't remember the name of the book or author or even character names but heres what I do remember: The woman moves in with the cowboy, I think she works at a theater, or maybe she's a mail order bride, but the cowboy pretends to be his twin brother throughout the story, who she eventually falls in love with.

I remember there was an Indian couple living in the back yard and she helps the woman give birth. Also, at the end of the book is when she finds out that the guy has been playing as his rough and tough twin brother. If theres any way you can help me it would be much appreciated!!! She ends up falling in love with 'Lucas Holt' who had a twin brother 'Slade Holt'. Slade was brought up by Indians and is the rougher of the two. Lucas pretends to be both Lucas and Slade throughout the book to lure an enemy out of hiding. Hi all, I'm new to the group and the site.

Hoping someone can help me with the title or author. It's historical fiction possibly regency.

Name That Book cont. Part II

She literally stumbles over unknown man, drunk, and he proposes. After being chastised again at home she takes him up on his offer. Turns out he is nobility. Hero needs to marry and produce an heir to secure estate. Her father is getting remarried to a shrew. It seems like both threads are active now! I'm a noobie, but here goes Medieval setting, published in late 90's or early 's I think --Two or three related books--one has a heroine named Judith, she marries beneath her somewhat, to a fairly impoverished noble family. Her husband had mistresses he called by days of the week and she burned up their bed so he knew she wouldn't put up with it.

The family's name had falcon in it, I think. Another related one same author, some shared characters was about the impoverished knight's little sister, named Zerah or something similar, who had always dressed as a boy and learned to fight like a knight. She is bested in a fight or something, and the other knight knows at once she is a woman though no one else, even her sister in law from the other book, don't know. I hope someone knows these! This is so amazing, how some people know all of them! I had actually accidentally posted in another thread, and someone answered anyway, people are nice :.

I need help finding the title of this book! Hopefully someone could help me - you all seem to have excellent memories. Its a fairly recent book I believe. But she has a big heart and is going to school to become a teacher. Things come to head when the sister gets sick. The real story is that the bf tried to have sex with the h, fed up with the spoiled nature of the sister, believing that the kind and sweet nature of the h was more his speed, but she denied him.

The bf goes off in a rage and promptly breaks up with the sister, spouting about how much better a person the h is than her, alluding that they had had sex. The sister runs to her brother, the H telling him how awful her friend, the h, is for sleeping with her bf. He tells her off, yelling about how they took her in and were kind to her, all the while she was a cheating backstabber, etc.

Realizing that she had just been kidding herself and would never be good enough for the H, she leaves for a teaching job in Texas? Things quickly fall apart between the H and his sister, especially as she realizes that the was probably wrong and took her anger out on the wrong person. The sister grows up and decides to become a nurse. Meanwhile the h is teaching in Texas where she is stabbed accidentally by a street kid when she gets in the middle of a fight. The H and the sister fly to her aide and bring her back to the ranch against her will.

During her recuperation thats when the h and the H make up. Hoping someone can help me out with this. I read a book as a teenager it might have been either a young adult or a general romance book about a girl who goes out west dressed as a boy. Unfortunately, I don't remember many details from it -- I think it had a mostly white cover with drawn characters in brown tones. It was probably from the early s, although it could have been the late s as well. It might have been a series book Harlequin, or something similar. The girl is traveling with a group, and she of course likes one of the guys, who might have been the guide possibly on the Oregon Trail.

He only realizes she is a girl when he's helping her up some obstacle, like a hill, and his arm grazes her chest. I read the beginning at the library as a kid and never finished it, but it stuck with me, as you can see! Thanks for any leads. I'm struggling to find the name of this book.. This guy had an operation during which he tied his tubes ergo he can't have children. Then he enters a shop one day, a few years later and happens to look at her screensaver and find an image of a child that looks almost alike to him when he was a child I keep getting confused with storylines similar to this one.

Please Help!!!! Look for the name and author of a romance i read over 10 years ago and it was an older book then, i'm thinking Romance story that the woman of the book was a reporter and while trying to get an interview with someone she gets bitten by a dog. He has a baby left at his door.

It's an old harlequin romance novel i believe 's in which the hero and heroine fall in love but unfortunately before anything can come out of it the hero's adopted father asks him to return home to marry his daughter who does not have long to live. Suffice it to say the hero's wife dies after two years and leaves him with a daughter.

The hero immediately hops on a plane to go back to the heroine however the plane crashes and the hero receives terrible burns and has to undergo plastic surgery. When the hero is finally reunited with the heroine who is an author or publisher she tells him she has a three year old son. The hero wants to be with her but doesn't know how to tell her about his situation. The hero's father- in- law meets him and the heroine learns about everything and runs away telling the hero she wants nothing to do with him.

The hero's daughter's name is Anna and I think the hero also had a mole on his back that was removed during his operation. Anyone having an idea or think the book I'm referring to then please let me know. I'm looking for the title of a romance book where she goes on a trip with a girlfriend, there is a hurricane and then she is all of a sudden in medieval times. There are two more books to this series and I would love to read them all.

I read this book years ago and cannot remember the name of it. I remember that the man was a lawyer who sided with the woman's husband and won the case, then they meet years later. The woman does not like corsets or lawyers. The story takes place in the U. I only read it once and started thinking about it and would like to read it again, please help me.

I read this in the 80s. It was part of a "Historical" series like Harlequin. Some of the "men" get together to see if someone can get her to say yes to a marriage proposal. There is a broke Scotish Laird in town who is trying to arrange money to help his clan. One night she is going back home from a dinner and her carriage is attacked and he protects her. She finds out about the bet and tries to leave him, but he says the bet was for him to ask he didn't have to break it. So they get married. He takes over the finances for the two of them.

Something happens on her estate but I can't remember what. At their first dinner party she has the bagpipes pipe the guests into dinner but it is not appreciated by the guests. She has scars on her back from where her father would use a whip on her. Eventually she is pregnant and they decide to move the entire clan to Canada because she wants the baby to be born in their new home. If someone knows of this book, I would be grateful for the title. Trying to find a western historical romance about a guy who falls in love with his best friend's sister. The brother ends up dying in a lab fire and the guilt breaks up the couple.

I think there might be the word stars in the title. Potentially from the s. I think it had a blue cover. Testing this out Cannot remember the author or name of book. Read a book a couple months ago - guy and girl known each other long time, meet up at I believe a friend, maybe family members wedding - great weekend after he tells her to leave or else - she stays; girl gets pregnant and guy demands 1 week to show her he'll be good to her. I think he didn't think he was worthy, but she's always been drawn to him. Maybe her family was wealthy?

I can't remember - any help - greatly appreciated. Hi guys! I'm looking for this book I read about 10 years ago. It's about this female author who teaches a writing class in her free time. She's a bit stuck with this one book she's writing since her editor doesn't like the way she writes her sex-scenes. Therefore by chance she decides to take sex lessons from this cop in her writing class I know it was in-return-for-something or other but can't remember the particulars.

Read the book in dutch, and it's title was along the lines of "Lessons in love". Does anyone have a clue? Help would be appreciated :. I need help trying to find a book I read sometime between years ago. I think it might be a harlequin. A girl is delivering something to a wedding maybe a cake? She gets shot at while leaving. A cop happens to be there and lands on her while protecting her.

Of course there's chemistry, he ends up protecting her. That's about all I remember. I'm pretty sure though that in the first scene when he is covering she ends up with an orgasm. The h owns a book shop or house in, I think, London. He arrived late at night, having traveled from another town. He overcomes it and, voila, HEA. Anyone know this? Was it Caroline by Willo Davis Roberts?

Hi, I'm looking for a romance book that starts out with a man about to hang for piracy I believe and then he escapes and hides in some caves on the coast, a young woman lives in a convent above the caves and I'm not sure if she discovers him or if he kidnaps her but they end up together and she can't decide if she wants to stay with him or turn him in?

Does this sound at all familiar to anyone? It's been driving me nuts not being able to find it. Hello everyone,does anybody know the title of this book? I think it's a harlequin. I can't remember the reason why the hero and heroine got married, all i remember is that the heroine left the hero to live somewhere near a beach. So, the hero decides to get to know her again. When they meet not sure if at the beach or a restaurant at the beach they pretend they don't know each other and that they are meeting for the first time, they get along well and have a relationship. So happy to have found this group!

I read a romance years ago that I have never forgotten. Unfortunately, I did forget the title and author. I am hoping someone here can help me fill in the blanks. I am pretty sure it was a Harlequin. It was about this woman who had an aunt and uncle who were giving her some kind of pill to make her forget her husband. He finds her and of course she doesn't know him, but in the end she remembers. I believe there was some bad weather, too, maybe snow. So glad I found this site. I hope someone can help me find this book, it's been 15 years since I read it but it has always stuck with me.

The book I'm looking for was possibly published in the 's - 's. It was set in England if memory serves me correctly, 17th or 18th century? The heroine bares a striking resemblance to the estranged 'wife'. He assaults the heroine as he spots her near his home or possible on his estate thinking she's the estranged wife wanting to punish her for leaving him and his young son but is horrified when he realises that the heroine was telling the truth and is an innocent.

The heroine also has a slight limp, an injury she suffered when she was a child and I think walks with a cane. After attacking her he takes her to his home and to tries to redeem himself in her eyes not sure if he is titled, I'm assuming he is and she meets his son.

Any thoughts would be most helpful. Hello : I'm hoping somebody can help me! I'm pretty sure the book was a harlequin book. All I remember is that the heroine knew the hero while she was growing up. I think he might have been her brothers friend or something?

Name That Book cont. Part II | Romance - from historical to contemporary | LibraryThing

She developed a crush on him and years later ends up working for him. He started to become attracted to her but still thought she was just a little girl even though she was all grown up. Any help would be deeply appreciated! I read this book in 03ish and it was old then so I dont really know the publish year. Medieval romance, kinda cheesy. Redhaired maiden given away to be wed as part of kings orders. Gets sent away to filthy castle run by awful lord.

He finds her and starts to fall in love with her. I believe the book went back and forth between his pov and hers. The cover was blue and whiteish. Thats all i have. Community please help i am looking for two historical romance titles book 1 i believe takes place is scotland or england during midieval times. The hero is a twin but was an outcast because twins were believed to be evil so his brother was chosen to rule while he was a warrior the heroine was arranged by her brother or stepbrother to marry the ruling twin but she falls for the brooding hero warrior instead. At first the hero does not want anything to do with her but falls in love with her.

Also the brother that was marrying her did not want her and ended up with a amid. Book 2 A preacher on a wagon train the heroine was a piano player for a travelling cathouse. Thought she was a hooker but she wasnt there was kids that they were putting with families and one of the girls became a second wife to religious guy. There was a fire and the cat house burned.

Please help!!!!!!! Okay I'm looking for a book from Harlequin Romance its Like a Special Romance Edition or Something where the heroine is a woman football coach who has been hired to coach a high school football team but the man that wanted the position is angered but they end up assisting each other. This woman doesn't let anyone know that she has MS Multiple Sclerosis and many accidents occur when she loses mobility in her legs. Two specific scenes that stick out to me is when she starts dating the other assist coach and they go to his family's home for a picnic and she plays basketball with them and she loses mobility in her legs and then that time she collapse in the teams locker room and the players find her.

Does anyone know what the title and who the author is? I am looking for a book which I read a few years ago; a historical romance. I am almost sure that the book was a prequel to other books. The heroine in this book was a vicar's daughter who met a titled man at an event which she attended with chaperones and a suitor. She and the man had sex the first time they met at the event and she later found out that the man was supposed to be betrothed to her friend. She snuck away another time to meet up with him.

I think her sister ended up getting married to his brother or friend in a sequel. The description is up in post 8. I'd really appreciate it if someone could help. But now, as she travels to Oregon in disreputable company, the stunning Irish songbird's cherished independence is threatened by irresistible desires for a handsome young preacher. Hi, Further to my post , could anyone please provide me with helpful search websites ie similar to allreaders.

There was something about the little beggar——. She made no answer, but he had the uncomfortable feeling that she knew he had been proud of her. They found Miss Barnes waiting for them. As soon as they were in their seats, aboard the train, Isabelle went to sleep, leaning against her new friend. Miss Barnes smiled, made the child comfortable, and opened a magazine, thus relieving Wally of any necessity of conversation. As they drove up to the house, they saw Mrs. Bryce come out on the terrace, where the butler was arranging the tea-table and chairs. She wore a soft pink gown, and a broad, rose-laden hat.

She looked very young and lovely. She sauntered to meet them with her slightly disdainful smile. The child took her by the hand and led her into the house, with a dignity which would have been admirable, had it not been so pathetic. Miss Barnes felt that she was stepping off terra firma, and lighting on Mars, so strange and muddled was this new world she had entered upon. The first weeks she spent at The Beeches were positively bewildering.

She was the eldest daughter of a small-town lawyer, in Vermont. She was just an average healthy, fine American girl brought up in a normal, small-town American family. She had served her apprenticeship in cooking, nursing babies, patching small clothes, turning old things around and upside down, in order to make them over. So much for her practical training. She knew all the inconveniences and anxieties of an insufficient and variable income. But she also knew the unselfishness, the affectionate give-and-take of a big family.

She knew what miracles the loving patience of her mother daily performed. New York, contemplated from Vermont, was the city of all opportunity; but New York, face to face, with a financial reserve of fifty dollars, was a very different matter. Isabelle had amazed and interested her, and Wally had offered her what seemed a fabulous salary. No wonder she had seized the opportunity, with happy plans of sending the first check home, intact. But daily for the first week, amidst the undreamed-of luxuries of The Beeches she felt that she must run away, back to the things she knew and understood.

Her first interview with Mrs. Bryce did not occur until the second day after her arrival. She waited to be summoned all of the first day, but heard nothing, saw nothing of her new employer. The second day she sent word asking for a conference. She was given an audience while Mrs. She nodded casually to Ann. Ann stared. She did not know how to cope with this kind of woman. Bryce made her feel a clumsy fool, a sort of country bumpkin.

It was clear that the interview was ended, so Ann rose.

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With glowing appeal Mrs. Bryce turned her pretty face, with its sudden smile, upon the girl. She bores me to death. Ann got out of the room somehow. She felt cold shivers down her spine, as if she had touched something revolting. She was so homesick for them, she just thought she would die. She just picked Isabelle up in her arms, and hugged her tight, kissing her over and over again.

When she gets things picked up she dusts the bottoms of the chairs and the legs of the tables. Then she helps mother make the beds. She can beat up the pillows and tuck the sheets neatly. Then she studies her letters. She almost knows them. She goes to market with mother, and then she plays in the yard until dinner. Such a scramble, such a wrestling, and shouting, and face washing! You ought to hear it. Then the older ones tramp off to school again and Jinny takes her nap. She likes them. She knows they make her strong and sweet-tempered and pretty.

It was absorbing to Isabelle, and it was a satisfaction for Ann to have this outlet for her homesickness. So it began, but it grew to be a significant make-believe, for as the days went by, she discovered that Isabelle could be absolutely ruled by her imagination. She demanded lessons in letters. Day after day she demanded the story again, and daily Ann added to the picture of her mother, always at the call of her children, of her father, reading aloud on Friday nights, as a special treat, while they all sat round the fire in the shabby old living room.

She described how they all worked and saved to buy Christmas presents for one another; how happy they were over simple gifts, even a red lead pencil. The story went on and on, until Isabelle actually lived in the circle of the Barnes family. So Isabelle gave it up. She realized that something was lacking. She sought out Miss Barnes with the problem.

Your father and mother are rich, and mine are poor. Your parents have lots to do—golf and bridge and parties—and father and mother Barnes have only their children to interest them. One of the habits acquired from Jinny was a daily nap. She religiously put herself to bed, after luncheon, and each day upon rising she inspected herself in the glass to see if she was growing prettier. Usually she went for a walk, carrying a book under her arm. The dry-cleaner in Rockville has a lace gown of mine which I want to wear this afternoon, when some people are coming to tea.

Would you motor over and get it? You could take the imp with you. So Ann set forth in the motor, glad of a free hour or two in the open. She enjoyed it to the full, and although it took longer than she had anticipated, she carried the gown to Mrs. The nursery was empty, so were the bedrooms. Ann asked the maids where Isabelle was. No one had seen her.

She went out into the grounds and to all her favourite haunts, but no Isabelle. Then, thoroughly alarmed, she went to Mrs. No one saw her go out. I have been gone over two hours, you know. Bryce knew that this girl despised her. Not that it mattered, but it was annoying at the moment. Ann ran out of the room, and down the stairs. She started for the beach where they went swimming. Henry the chauffeur passed her, calling out that he was going to the neighbours to inquire. Bryce wore the white lace gown, and had her tea. Wally commandeered all the servants except the cook and the butler to help in the search for Isabelle.

He and the chauffeur and Ann conducted scouting parties in all directions. You know how all the useless men in the world dote on telling a woman about her duties? He is outrageously superior about himself as parent. He has found the perfect governess, he discovers that our offspring has a brain; you should hear him go on. Page assured him.

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Presently dusk fell and still no signs of the child. Wally came back to telephone the police stations of the towns near them. He barely glanced at the laughing group on his terrace, but Mrs. Page spied him, and came to call out:. They took their departure shortly.

Bryce ordered the cook to hold back dinner. Then she let her vexation grow. It was outrageous that this little pest should upset things so completely. She had been especially anxious to impress this Mr. Christiansen, whom she had recently met. The white lace gown had been entirely for his benefit. And yet because of Isabelle he had been critical of her. He probably thought she should have been running around the country, in hysterics, looking for her chee-ild. She went into the hall. Ann got out first and helped Wally. He was carrying the heroine—asleep, in the utter relaxation of tired babyhood.

She was dirty, and her best hat dangled from its elastic, crushed and dusty. Wally went on upstairs with his burden, and as Ann passed Mrs. Bryce her scorn and hatred of that lace-clad lady was as obvious as a spoken word. Bryce went to the table and ordered her dinner. She says she had no idea that the child would take it seriously and start off to find the Barnes home. Isabelle adores her. It was just a game, I tell you. Bryce, insolently. Bryce cut him off.

To see her mother occasionally—a strange woman in the house. What right have you and your crowd to have children? Bryce, walking out of the room. Oh, Mr. Bryce, try to look after her a little, try to love her a little, she does need it so! The next day as she stepped to the platform of the train the chauffeur handed her a letter from Wally.

He thanked her and regretted the necessity of her going. Her wits against them all, that was the motto she decided upon, in the bitter wisdom of her four brief years. During the years that followed many were the governesses set up by Mrs. Bryce to be promptly knocked down, as it were, by Isabelle. They would either depart of their own accord, or they would be sent flying by the irate Mrs.

Bryce after some escapade of her incorrigible offspring. Ann gave her a piece of her mind before she left, and Max blames me for it. You always have to get used to a new one. Later when she threw her breeched leg over her horse, and waited for Wally to mount, he exclaimed:. They started off. She had discarded the old Shetland pony as too childish, and demanded a real steed. So Wally had given her a small Peruvian horse, delicately made and fleet of foot.

She rode him like a leaf on the wind. Isabelle knew the kind thoroughly. She had initiated whole companies of them into life at The Beeches. Miss Watts, this one was called. She was putting her things into bureau drawers, when Isabelle appeared at the door of the bathroom which joined their rooms. She was so used to the lack of manners in the children she taught, that this one seemed no worse than usual. Whereupon Isabelle opened her mouth and emitted long, loud shrieks.

Miss Watts continued counting handkerchiefs. The howls grew more artificial in quality, but louder in volume. Isabelle grew red in the face. This was hard work. After about three minutes of bedlam Miss Watts remarked:. Is your concert over? The youngster went into her own room. Miss Watts heard her banging around in there. Presently she appeared again. So the story was told, and the new relationship inaugurated which was to last for several years. Miss Watts was a woman of considerable intellectual capacity, with a passion for books.

After that first experiment there were no more spasms of howling. Miss Watts never tried to sentimentalize their relationship. She was at present an unendurable human being, thanks to her bringing up. Her ideas and ideals were servant-made. If she could be brought to see herself as socially an outcast, because of her bad manners, Miss Watts knew it would effect a cure.

She told stories of all countries, and all times, and she told them well. There was a marked improvement in her behaviour and the members of her household drew a long breath of relief. The teacher found an extraordinary concentration of effort to acquire anything the girl desired. Promised the joy of finding stories for herself, the student applied herself and learned by magic. She was extremely proud of the new accomplishment, and would have read constantly if Miss Watts had not settled upon literary pursuits as the reward of virtue.

One of the by-products of the new ability was a tighter hold on her leadership of the children she played with. Everything she read suggested new and wonderful games. Summer days provided uninterrupted opportunity for her talents. She turned the playhouse into a theatre, and organized a supporting company. Sometimes Miss Watts assisted with the scenario, sometimes Isabelle was sole author or adapter. Parents and relatives. I rode around to all the houses this morning and issued the invitations.

They all accepted. Martin Christiansen said he would not miss it for a kingdom. Christiansen, when you speak of him, Miss Impudence. What do you intend to do to entertain all these people? Matthews and Henry can carry chairs to the garage this morning. We can move the stage our own selves. The play begins at two. I asked him first. I took your velvet opera coat for the rehearsal. Do you mind? AS MRS. BRYCE and Wally came out from luncheon, they beheld the first consignment of friends and relatives, a motor car full from the Pages.

But I persuaded her that I was not the type. Other motors began to arrive with beaming parents, and excited children. The terrace was almost crowded when finally, after much delay, and trips to and from the house, Teddy Horton rushed into view, announcing through a megaphone that the doors of the Isabelle Theatre were open. Isabelle appeared before the sheets which served as curtain. She was pale, composed, and in deadly earnest. Manager—Isabelle Bryce. She made a low bow, and walked off, followed by much hand clapping. Enter Lucy Manet. She wears Mrs. Her bobbed brown hair is barely covered by the long yellow shaving curls which more or less crown her head.

But for all the ridiculous figure she cut, there was an earnestness and a sort of style to her entrance, that cut short the first outburst of laughter. Did you bring me to England when I was an orphan child? Both actors were forced to take a curtain call after this. Isabelle manages to push fat Margie into the wings while she stays on, bowing, to announce:.

The next scene discovers Margie Hunter, in a long beard, cobbling a shoe, hastily contributed by Tommy Page at the last moment. Margie Hunter played the judge. At the climax, just when Sidney Carton was to make his dramatic entrance into the story, it was discovered that Tommy had not his shoe. The action was held up while it was restored to him, but he put it on so hastily that he lost it once or twice during the scene. It kept his mind off his lines, rather. Tommy Page—plump, short, red-haired, with freckles—and Teddy Horton—tall, gangling, half a head taller than his double—stood side by side facing the audience.

Up to this moment a certain restraint had marked that body, but at this sight they went into uncontrolled spasms of delight. Martin Christiansen, dramatic critic, was seen to wipe tears of joy from his cheeks. The actors were spurred to renewed efforts. Manet, I love your daughter—fondly, dearly. You loved once yourself; let your old love speak for me! The scene once more shifted to Paris. It took the entire company to overpower and drag him forth to the Bastille. A bit of unequalled histrionism followed in which Isabelle entered as Lucy, with little Nancy Holt as her child.

She proceeded to impersonate both that heroine and Madame La Farge. It was simpler than it sounds. The chee-ild was rather roughly pushed about during the scene, which was highly emotional. So she and her child and her husband escape. There was a long wait, and much hammering back on the stage. Then the curtains parted again on the big realistic moment of the drama. Suspended at back was what at first glance looked to be a wooden window frame. It was suspended from above by ropes, which disappeared over the gallery which ran around the garage.

Only a look sufficed to show that this was La Belle Dame sans Merci , the guillotine. A ragged rabble appeared at back, shouting and shaking fists. Manet, Lorry, and the Judge—came the blind-folded figure of the hero, Carton. They led him to the foot of that terrible machine of destruction, and after several vain promptings from the gallery above, Carton cried in a loud, manly voice:. Then he laid his noble head on the saw horse, and bing! The curtains were hitched shut, and she looked over the balustrade on to the group below.

Wally was beating Christiansen on the back, and Max was laughing hysterically. Page, whose stupid maternal plans had nearly ruined the climax, was now panting for breath. Isabelle, even while she was delighted with their applause, despised them. Had they no feeling for the noble tragedy of Carton?

He held up his hands to her, clapping, and bowing and throwing kisses. Charles Dickens is dead; if he is, I will thank you for him. Martin Christiansen was the first to reach her side. With a low bow he indicated the sunflower which she carried. It was that supreme moment which made up to Isabelle for everything else. She knew then the joy of appreciation—knew that Martin Christiansen was a finer soul, and akin unto her own! Her pranks had long been a favourite topic, but this last one marked her as a real personality. What does a leading lady and producer like to do in her moments of idle ease?

Shall we ask the other members of your company, too? Does a star permit the company to eat below the salt? If she wants to make a laughing-stock of herself, let her! Poor Mr. Christiansen will be sorry he ever asked her! When she was finally dressed Isabelle walked to a long mirror and surveyed herself at length. Her slim, pretty legs in their black silk stockings caught her eye. The party was a marked success. A great many people were bathing, which always made it exciting. They went out to the raft and Christiansen and some other men took turns in throwing her off.

It was perfect for Isabelle. Then, afterward, all the tables were full on the club veranda, when Mr. She saw Wally and Max cross the room grinning at her.

There was a tiny, old-fashioned bouquet at her plate. My offering on the day of your triumph was so inadequate, I wanted to do better to-day. By the way, I ordered the lunch. I trust you do not mind. There never are enough boys to go round for the parts. They always want to play the best parts. With boys, you can just settle them. The car is going back in ten minutes with Max, and she can go along. Isabelle could have cried with rage. He, blissfully unaware of it, sauntered away. She did not really want it, but it might serve to delay the hated departure.

The car might go without her, and Christiansen would then take her home. She dawdled over the second ice cream, chatting feverishly to prevent his suspecting her plan. But the end came, as the end needs must, and on the veranda they found her mother waiting.

Christiansen is my ideal. The next day she organized the Isabelle Amazons. They were only four in number, counting Nancy Holt, who was under size, but they drilled and hunted and rode to battle in the wake of their peerless leader.


They met imaginary foes. They challenged Tommy Page and Teddy Horton to mortal combat, and put them to flight. Isabelle brooded over the matter until the end of the week. She tried to get out of the day with Margie Hunter, but Mrs. Bryce was glad to be rid of her and forced her to go. She ordered Miss Watts not to go after her until half past five, when tea would be safely over.

Isabelle composed a note of explanation and left it on the bureau in the room which Christiansen was to occupy. I have to spend the day with old Margie Hunter. I have organized the Amazons, as you said, and we are strong and true, in riding breeches. They treated the girls with great scorn until Isabelle told them the story of the persecutions she endured at home, in order to be an Amazon.

It featured imprisonment in a tower room, on a diet of bread and water, branding irons and flogging with a buckled strap. They formed a delighted circle about her, and urged her on. The big boys followed her about all day, to the exclusion of the other Amazons, who took refuge in chanting derogatory remarks, such as:. When arrived and with it, Miss Watts, Isabelle departed with a feeling of a day well spent. She turned her thoughts to the next event.

They had a puncture on the way, and the terrace and halls were deserted when they arrived home. Miss Watts hurried her off to the schoolroom, for supper, and urged her to take her bath and go to bed after her strenuous day. The child was docility itself. You cannot imagine what a pleasant welcome your note gave me. An idea was born at that moment! When Miss Watts went to carry the supper tray downstairs, because the maids were busy, Isabelle hastily donned her riding clothes, turned on the bath water to mislead Miss Watts on her return, crept down the stairs and out.

From the terrace she peered into the long drawing room. The French doors leading on to the terrace were open wide, and in the softly lighted room she saw the house-party guests assembling. They straggled in, one by one. She flew to the stables, crept in at the back, led out the Peruvian horse, saddled, mounted him, and kicked him gently in the flanks. Up and onto the terrace she guided him, just as indoors, Matthews arrived with the cocktails. In through the open windows rode Isabelle, and slowly down the long drawing room. Everybody gasped. Martin Christiansen pleaded her case, took the blame upon himself; the rest of the party laughed heartily over the episode and demanded more Isabelle, but Max remained adamant and refused to release the prisoner.

Wally visited his daughter on Sunday, carrying a note from Christiansen. He expected to find her raging at her confinement, but, instead, she was curled up in a chair with a book on her lap, and he had to speak to her twice before she heard him. Christiansen up? Do you languish in your dungeon cell? Your true knight points an arrow with this missive, and shoots it in at your window.

I trust your father will not resent this poetic license. I was thrilled at the sight of you as an Amazon, and I agree about the riding breeches!

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I languish a little, but not much. I knew you would understand about the Amazon and horse. What are you saying about them? Wally did not mind your license. He thought you ought to have it. The police are so crooel. At the arresting sight of the Lily Maid of Astelot, they halted and demanded explanations. These were received with exclamations of derision and delight, so that the incensed leading lady rose from her barge, landed, and pursued them with the canoe paddle.

They gave her a race to the baseball diamond, where they disarmed her by force, and forgot her. She sat down and watched their preparations. Herbert Hunter urged her acceptance as a sub, saying that they could throw her out when the regular fellow came. By happy accident when she came to bat, she shut her eyes, fanned the air, and knocked a home run.

When it came to pitching, she did not star. It was the proudest compliment of her life. Tommy Page rushed forward, shouting:. Now Isabelle happened to be toying with a bat when Tommy made this disparaging remark threatening to topple her off the dizzy height she had attained. She saw red! She made an infuriated rush upon him, and brought the bat down on his offending head. Tommy crumpled up like a paper doll. There was an awful moment of silence. Herbert tried to stand Tommy up, but his legs folded under him and his head fell back, so they laid him down again.

Isabelle stood, rooted to the ground. Her terror had frozen her. The others returned with a pail of water. They were for dumping it in one deluge upon poor Tommy, but Herbert prevented their drowning him. He knelt over Tommy and poured a slow stream of cold water on his face and down his neck. When this had no effect he continued the stream over his body, clad in linen clothes, much as one waters a flower bed. The children held their breath and watched.

Signs of returning life were visible. As the cold shower struck the pit of his stomach, one knee hitched. Encouraged, Herbert spilt the last pint in his upturned face. It contorted, he choked, gasped, yelled defiantly:. The stretcher men rose and bore the hero off toward the house, followed by the children, all except Isabelle.