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She never really paid to much attention to the politics of the pack. The major problem is she is in love with Bryan. And from Ryn who is Kane's half brother. I am starting the 2nd book of the series "The Keeping" now. I came across this as a freebie on Barnes and Noble. I was pleasantly surprised. In my experience, a freebie is a freebie for a reason. But the description sounded like something I would like, so I took a chance.

I'm pretty glad I did. I won't say it was my favorite book, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. The one thing that bothered me most was the fact that it was written in third person, but still limited to mostly to Elise's POV. If the author was going to limit like that, I think it would ha I came across this as a freebie on Barnes and Noble. If the author was going to limit like that, I think it would have been better served in first person. In my opinion, you develope a closer bond with the character that way. But, since it was written in thrid person, I think it lost something by not including Kane's thoughts as well.

He was an intriguing character, but he seemed to fall a little flat and the story lost dimension. Elise was a little on the TSTL side for my tastes, but I was able to attribute most of that to her age. Things that would be common sense to anyone with half a brian sometimes whizzed right on by her. I found myself just wanting to slap her sensless a few times.

Tempting His Mate (A Werewolf Romance) audiobook

But, those few things aside, I loved the way the relationship between Elise and Kane was able to build. They started as strangers and had to work up to a believable romance. The love scenes were faily sizzlin'. And I found myself interested in the secondary characters. If I were to see a sequel followin Ryne's story, I would definately pick it up! Jan 13, Mou rated it it was ok. AND I am not exactly happy with the outcomes. The hero was polite, understanding and an honorable man, but his stupid blind belief in the evil women was very irritating.

I find the heroine was equally stupid, she is good for nothing. Then after marrying another pack's alpha, she shows no interest in the pack's activities also. Shortly, she can't bother to get involved in anything. This is an excellent story and very hard to put down. It centres on a naive young girl who is abruptly wrenched from her home and the boy she loves and dropped into a new pack where she is mated to the Alpha — a man she has never met.

Unlike many present day heroines who are almost caricatures kick-ass, smart mouthed, unbelievable clever etc — honestly, how many 18 year old are REALLY that put together??? Charles has chosen to keep Elise the young girl more down to earth. The new pack all ready has well-established roles and she spends part of the story trying to find her place and fit into her new status as Alpha female. As the story progresses, her character grows and gains confidence until at the end her true colours are shown.

The romance is also well developed.

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There is also a light mystery or a bit of suspense involved. Nicky Charles builds her stories slowly, sometimes leading the reader into a sense of complacency. Yet, the string of subtle hints and clues that are sprinkled throughout what seems to be the daily humdrum life of a werewolf pack should keep the reader on alert. I was amazed at the high ratings for this book. Kane sounded like a real alpha - tough, loves his pack, disciplines when needed, etc. But Elise for an alpha's mate??? She was young, helpless, weak, and most of all DUMB.

You are a freaking werewolf AND the daughter of a pack alpha and you didn't bother to learn werewolf physiology? Or history? Or basically anything else? She's 19 and couldn't even get a job as a waitress without her mate stepping in to ask a favor of the owner. She's the alpha fe I was amazed at the high ratings for this book. She's the alpha female, but can't bother to get involved in anything - how about learning to cook with the former alpha female? How about learning to garden? How about becoming involved in pack politics?

It felt like the werewolf angle was there just to sell books. There were no pack hunts. No description of the shifting process. I don't know how I finished this book, but I won't read another. What an awesome find! This book was fantastic. I was endless looking for a book similar to the Phoenix pack and North wolf. Sexy alpha shifters, and some very steamy love scenes, but especially I love to read about the pack politics and dynamics. All i have to say is keep writing books like this! I really wanted to like this; however, it used my least favorite plot device of all time: the Big Misunderstanding.

Also, the narrative was kind of choppy. Open to trying more from this author in the future though. Despite reading a friend's review of this book, I decided to forge ahead and read it myself. This book is definitely YA with sex in it. There is absolutely NO suspense I'm fairly sensitive and I try to give authors the benefit of the doubt, so for me to say that there is nothing mysterious or suspenseful is sad.

My biggest disappointment about this book was that everything was so clearly spelled out and yet the 'heroine' of the book was so slow and oblivious. As for positives, I do like that the Despite reading a friend's review of this book, I decided to forge ahead and read it myself.

As for positives, I do like that the main character, Elise, admitted that she had previous skated through life and got away with being completely ignorant of many things. She was easily manipulated, for the most part, but did have some moments strength rare and not that significant in the overall story, though. On the pro side, Elise is still a teenager, so that could explain some of the stupidity. The story moves fairly quickly - which is good because as the reader you've already figured everything out as it happens.

The one 'twist' at the end wasn't much of a surprise. Jan 10, Sophia rated it liked it Shelves: pnr-uf. An arranged mating, a new pack in turmoil, and a young werewolf female forced to come into her own. I've had this book on my Kindle for some time and finally took a moment to read it and found I had an engaging paranormal romance on my hands.

A Lycan's Mate: A Romantic Short Story by Chandler Dee

It wove along gently for the most part building the relationship and the suspense plot together to bring things to a riveting moment. The Law of the Lycans series can be confusing a little because at some sites The Mating is listed as book one and at others An arranged mating, a new pack in turmoil, and a young werewolf female forced to come into her own. The Law of the Lycans series can be confusing a little because at some sites The Mating is listed as book one and at others book 2. The author takes care of the confusion on the series GoodReads page.

The Mating is the first of the series that was published, but not the first in chronological order. Now that I've read The Mating, I am going to suggest reading it first because it definitely felt like a first of series introducing characters and the situation and the Law of the Lycans world. About The Mating now. I was drawn immediately to the idea of a political match between the alpha's daughter of one clan and the new alpha of another clan.

Sight unseen. It is further complicated by the fact that Elise has feelings for Bryan another male in her pack and her arranged mate might have his own previous history with a female of his pack. Elise is extremely resistant at first, but I loved the way Kane handled it. He was firm on the important matters- they are mating and she is taking him as her mate, but he is careful and coaxing about the rest.

He warmly receives her into his pack and generously lets her slowly get acclimated to things. He doesn't force the full blood bond on her, he gives her space and doesn't place expectations on her save one and yes, that one causes trouble for the whole story , and he carefully builds a relationship with Elise even while he is burdened with so much.

The early part of the story, I confess, was not that gripping. Elise is, rightly so for a young person, caught up in her head and tends to just take things in. But she's a sweet girl and shakes off the disappointment to feeling inadequate. She isn't too proud to build friendships and try to learn from the other women in the pack. It was tough seeing her and the others be manipulated so easily by Marla, an ambitious, scheming female. Kane has a blind spot about her and I just wanted to smack him. She's not exactly subtle even when they are all acting like she is.

The suspense part of the story if having Kane's estranged brother on the loose and acts of sabotage occurring wasn't exactly hard to figure out, but there were a few surprises there. The werewolf world of the book isn't new ground, but I did enjoy that they have their own thing and there was times when they were in wolf form.

The Mating is the opening of a series and there was a lose plot thread to carry over in the series as well as a few characters that I would like to see getting their stories. While it didn't amaze me, I did find it a really enjoyable story and intro to a series I will happily continue reading. Those who enjoy there shifter romances with a dose of suspense would enjoy this one. Incidentally, The Mating is always free at Amazon. Elise, a werewolf, comes home one day to discover that her father has picked a mate for her -- Kane, the alpha from a neighboring pack.

Within hours, she has to set aside a lifetime of feelings for another man and give herself to a stranger. Hours after that, she's leaving the only home she's ever known, and meeting a new pack that has been having some This book got off to a pretty good start, although why we needed a flashback twenty seconds in was beyond me. I sympathized with the setup, and was eager to find out where things would go.

The answer turned out to be not as far as I would have liked, ad not nearly as quickly. I found the pacing of this book to be its biggest weakness. I freely admit that I skimmed through large parts of it -- especially the parts where we sit and stew in Elise's highly repetitive and circular thoughts for pages on end.

And for all the skimming, I really didn't feel like I missed any actual story. The second biggest problem with this book was that it didn't take long for me to stop caring about Elise's lost opportunities with Bryin. For all the stewing she did in her mind, she accepted the entire situation far too readily, and came to love Kane far too quickly for me to feel like it was ever a real thing. I guess you could also call this problem lack of tension. The world building was a bit weak, too, IMO, with the werewolf aspect of the novel turning out to be more a matter of setting than plot.

Which is to say, the werewolf element wasn't as all necessary -- fun, but not necessary. One random believability issue tie in here: I had trouble believing how easily a wolf's sense of smell could be fooled. There were some things that just plain annoyed me, such as how many times Kane told Elise that she was his mate. Nope, changing the inflection doesn't make it any different. It just came up far too often.

I even get into the whole, "You belong to me" thing in romance, but it loses its impact when overdone. On the same token, I was sick of hearing that Kane was the alpha. At one point, I found myself thinking that a real alpha wouldn't have to say it all the time, it would be implicit. Elise herself was an okay character, but she didn't do much to try to take control of her own destiny. She also didn't strike me as being an alpha female, which isn't necessarily a problem, it's just that it gave me pause when considering what the whole alpha male in a pack thing is really about.

Isn't the alpha male supposed to have all the females, and the betas can go The alpha female would then be the woman who asserted herself as leader of the other females? I don't know I know what they're going for I really didn't. It was okay. I'd say I thought it had unfulfilled potential. I might even consider giving the author another chance, to see if she fixes some of these technical issues later in the series, but not just now. I'm going to try another new author right now. Excerpt: She lay beside him, staring blankly at the ceiling. As the daughter of her pack's Alpha, Elise had always known that the good of the pack must come before everything else..

She just never thought that would apply to her own personal life! At only 19, she'd always imagined that one day she and her childhood sweetheart would some day be mated. Instead, she returned home one day to discover that not only was she to be given as a mate to a total stranger -- Kane, a new Alpha from the Northern Territories, but that the mating would happen that very night! Now mated to a man she doesn't love and barely even knows, she's thrust into an unfamiliar pack, one where old grudges become new dangers. Worse, Elise thinks she may be falling for her new husband.

While Kane has made it clear he wants her in his bed, and has been nothing but kind to her, she can't help but feel as though he resents being forced into a political mating, and will never return her feelings. It's always so deliciously angsty to see two strangers forced together in marriage and also beautifully romantic to watch them find happiness anyway. Not that I wanted Kane to rape Elise or anything, don't get me wrong, but one second she's all despairing because she had to marry a stranger instead of the guy she loved and the next she's having powerful orgasms.

There were several times in the story where you'd read a scene, then Elise would "think back" on earlier and bam, you're in a flashback. Not one of my favorite plot devices to be honest. Only, she sometimes does and sometimes doesn't. I have no issue whatsoever reading books with "colour" and "realise" and things like that in it, but it's distracting when sometimes it's Canadian spelling and sometimes it's American spelling. I admit, I skimmed those parts. Overall, it was a really decent read. There were a lot of nitpicky things that bugged me, but in the end, it was nicely angsty and had a very satisfying ending.

Oct 23, Pandionhalatius I have just discovered a burning desire To give a book, specifically this book, negative stars. I'm not even gonna go there. This should be on a shelf with that one Nora Roberts book I read thinking it was fantasy based on the cover. It was like the rest of the book existed to put a few dozen pages between make out sessions.

I could have told you that Marla was guilty of everything. It was blatantly obvious. An I have just discovered a burning desire And Kane?

No means no. It doesn't mean rape innocent girl because you hardly know her and apparently the best way to begin a decent heartfelt relationship is to rape your not really wife. This book is not really about werewolves at all, or at least that's not the authors intent for selling it.

Just a poor, scarring childhood defenseless wolfie who takes it out on an apparently random female in the name of pack politics. It's enough to make me growl. Pun intended. If all these books were destroyed the forest of literature would have slain one of its many dragons. Or jabberwockys, if you prefer. If you consider reading this book because its a free ebook, you will regret it until the end of your days.

I wish that I'd read this as a paperback. Because there are so many gruesome ways of destroying a paperback that would regrettably injure an iPhone. Burning, shredding, spilling acid, exploding, imploding, stabbing with a basilisk fang, water logging drowning , so many possibilities! I provide feedback other than 'that's nice' so the author can improve their craft. This book gripped me from the beginning and sucked me in. The dialogue flowed, there was just enough werewolf history to make it believable the protagonist would allow herself to be mated to a man she had just met because her alpha-father so ordered it.

The chemistry between the two main characters unfolded in a believable manner, and there was a nice balance for this day and age between character development and hot, steamy sex this -is- after all a romance. Many of the minor characters, such as Helen, were also very nicely developed, and added texture to the story without either over- or under-whelming it. I am a fan of another werewolf author, Kelly Armstrong, and found myself comparing this work favorably.

The only plot-hole I found incredulous was the fact the werewolves can shapeshift including their clothing I -would- have given this book 4 stars. Why the lost star?

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Villian development started out well enough, but the big reveal towards the end was just too much information all at once. Bad guys don't brag and brag and brag with no action when suddenly revealed, nor do they wander off to 'come back later' to finish killing the person they're plotting against. Especially if they know their victim is 'bonded' and has most likely summonsed their mate.

A cold, calculating murderer knows the most -important- thing is leave no witnesses and then try to clean up the crime scene later, while a heat-of-passion murderer would have simply picked up a rock and bashed in their skull. The surprise insertion of a second villian might have worked, but there were not enough clues peppered early enough in the novel to make you go 'aha!

In the end, things got back on track. I enjoyed it enough to come back for more as most authors improve their craft over time and this author has phenomenal promise. This was written as a romance with a mystery background, but as a mystery novel it fell flat. I would suggest she do some research on creating believable villians and also read a few dozen classic murder-suspense novels Raymond Chandler, Dashiell Hammett as I believe this author has the capability to bring her writing to the next level The verdict BUY. Or as in this case, dowload every book you can get your hands on offered by this author for free and say thank you for the enjoyable ride!

Readers also enjoyed. About Nicky Charles. Nicky Charles. She joined a fan-based group for the show and through there met Jan Gordon. Add to Wishlist. Overview Elise had no idea when she came home that day that she'd end up mated to a complete stranger. Product Details About the Author. Show More. Average Review. Write a Review. Related Searches. Alphas and Rogues: a Law of the Lycans. Escape from reality with this box set containing three favourite Law of the Lycans novels View Product.

Always You. Riley Tanner has a best friend, the best friend a girl could ask for. He's supportive, loyal, honest, trustworthy, kind, and thoughtful. He's also the biggest player in school. Their relationship has always been easy and affectionate, but after Riley's Betrayed: Days of the Rogue. His mate killed in an explosion, Damien now lives as a rogue werewolf. Grief stricken Grief stricken and filled with rage, what depths will he sink to in his search for revenge?

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